Tonight the Young Mammals release a new 7″ – their first since releasing Carrots a bit over two years ago. The band has been somewhat quiet over the past couple of years so I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of you may be unfamiliar with them but when the band roared into the scene with its high energy indie pop they made a huge splash and arguably led the way for bands like Wild Moccasins, The Ton Tons, and Buxton by helping expand what was happening in the local music scene. Tonight at Walters, the band roars back into the spotlight and unless you are dead or in jail, I suggest you check out what these guys can do live (the rest of the line-up is pretty spectacular too). We e-mailed band leader Carlos Sanchez a few questions about the band and the new single.

FPH – You guys have been quiet since your sophomore album. Is this single a signal of more new material coming out?

Sanchez – Yeah, we have been working on a new material. We are hoping to finish an album later this year.

FPH – It’s nice to know that Ryan Chavez is going to have a document of his being in the band. I think someone once told me that he pretty much saved the Mammals because you just couldn’t find a drummer at one point. Is that a true story?

Sanchez – Thats totally true, I think Cley said that. When our old drummer Iram left the band, we were kind of lost. He was such a great drummer and he was very animated on stage, so we were looking for a guy that played just like him. Once we realized that we would not find a drummer like Iram, we asked Ryan to play with us. At first he was just filling in but as time went by he became an active member of the band. If it wasn’t for Ryan I dont know what we would have done.

FPH – Tell us about the single. Where was it recorded? Who recorded it? Who is releasing it? Who did the art? How did you pick the song?

Sanchez – Landlady was recorded at Cley’s and Ryan’s old house. Ryan recorded landlady. Optometrist was recorded in New York city with Nick Stumpf. Steve Christensen mixed both songs. Bombs by Mail is releasing the 7inch and Eyesore provided the artwork.

FPH – When you first came on the scene you guys were the young kids causing a stir and a ruckus with a new sound. Now you guys are more the old guard – you guys are respected and well known in town. How does it feel being on the other end of that spectrum? How have you sen the scene cahnge over the years? Also, who are the young bands that make your earl perk up?

Sanchez – It pretty much feels the same. I don’t feel any different about our band now than I did when I was 17. The scene has changed a lot since we started. Around 2006 it seemed like Houston had a very aggressive sound. You had bands like the Fatal Flying Guilloteens, Bring Back the Guns, Gods Temple of Family Deliverancewho all had a very intense sound. Now it feels more like a mixed bag. Now there are bands such as the Wild Moccasins, The Energy, Sings, and Grandfather Child, who are all very different from one another. I don’t know if I have heard any new bands recently. I need to go out more.

FPH – what’s next for you guys after this seven inch?

Sanchez – We will continue to write new material for the next record. Hopefully, it will be ready for release in early 2013. Aside from that, we plan to play more shows in and out of town.

Young Mammals perform tonight with sIngs, Extra Life, and Sandy Ewen at Walters. 8PM All Ages/ $8