Race hate has reared its ugly head in Houston this week under the auspices of a white nationalist and fascist group known as Identity Evropa.

On July 3, the group posted photos to social media channels of signs located around Houston bearing black-and-white images of Greek statues and slogans such as “Protect Your Heritage” and “Our Future Belongs to Us.” Other gems include: “Become Who We Are,” “Serve Your People,” “Our Destiny is Ours” and “Let’s Become Great Again.” That last one sounds vaguely familiar, but I guess I can’t quite place where it came from?

Based on photos posted to the group’s Facebook page, at least 13 signs were placed in downtown and the Museum District, although by July 6, three of the five posters Free Press Houston was able to locate had already been removed and we found great joy in ripping down the other two.

The “American based identitarian organization” is “dedicated to educating the people of European heritage about the importance of a Eurocentric identity,” according to the group’s Facebook page. So, yeah, they’re neo-Nazis parading around under the guise of wanting to “protect their hertitage.” (Typical.)

The hate group is led by Nathan Damigo, a veteran and former leader of the National Youth Front (NYF), the youth wing of the Neo-Nazi American Freedom Party. Again, they are neo-Nazis, but they don’t want to call themselves that because I guess that might make people not like them very much. After holding a rally at University of California, Berkeley in May 2016 — one which vowed to create a “safe space for Europeans” — Identity Evropa began the poster campaign in southern California that soon extended across the country.

Between July 3 and 5, the group posted photos to their Facebook and Twitter accounts showing dozens of posters from 19 cities across the nation, using the July 4 holiday — along with the hashtag “#fashthecity” — to promote their “cause.”

Given that a certain orange-faced blow-hard reality star is known for spewing race hate whenever he has the chance makes the existence of this “alt-right” group far less surprising than it should be. The crazies exist and this time they thought they would really make an impact with a few signs. With a whopping 3,761 bigots “liking” their Facebook page after months of heavy campaigning, they’re clearly doing a great job. At least we know where to find them now.