If Where Do We Go Now? was a film from the 70s it would be directed by Dusan Makavejev and have a lot more sex. WDWGN? exists in an Earthy world where emotions are worn on the outside and nerves are frayed at the thought of conflict. A rural village in Lebanon that has a population roughly divided between Muslim and Christian learns to stand together after the town’s women come up with a scheme for unity.

Go Now? veers occasionally into what could only be termed Lebanese magical realism. The characters break into song twice, once while making hash and pot deserts. In a twist on Lysistrata the village women hire Eastern European strippers to come to their small hamlet just to raise everybody’s blood pressure.

The pacing while natural seems slow for domestic audiences not attuned to the world view of politics and blood relatives. Nothing special happens and yet the entire film is kind of special. Where Do We Go Now opens exclusively at the River Oaks Three this weekend.

— Michael Bergeron