Holy crap!!! Weird Party is joining forces tonight with Australia’s Mad Macka! That’s like a double dose of pure uncut Rock-and-Roll going right up your nose – enough to wreck your nervous system and leave you a drooling mess by the end of the evening – and the show is free!!!! Free!!! That blew our minds so much that after we went into seizures, we got a hold of Weird Party’s Keg Noisily, to ask him about the show!

Mad Macka. Who is he? Elucidate for our readers?

Keg – Mad Macka was the guitar player for an awesome Australian band from the mid-90’s to early 2000’s called the Onyas. The Onyas were signed to Au Go-Go records (basically the Sub Pop/SST of Australia) and were a ripping, straight ahead Punk rock band who took their drunken antics all over the world, including one show at Mary Jane’s in Houston that’s still stained on many people’s memories due to nudity, etc (ask Bill Fool about this sometime).

Currently Macka fronts his own band AND holds the choice duty of guitar player in Australia’s long beloved and always rocking Cosmic Psychos. The Cosmic Psychos have a lineage of great guitar players and the fact that Macka has that slot should tell informed readers a lot about his six string prowess.

How’d you guys hook up with him?

Keg – Sugar Shack toured with the Onyas in Australia back in 1995. Bonds were formed that have remained today because both the Onyas and Sugar Shack shared a complete and utter lack of concern about anything other than having a good time.

The dude is from Australia yet the show is free? That doesn’t sound like a good way to fund a tour. What gives?

Keg – Macka lives on love and there’s going to be plenty of love flowing his way on Monday night. Also, we just wanted to have more of a party this time around.

You guys just released a new album a couple months back. How’s the reception been so far?

Keg – It seems good! People who listen to it report that they play it over and over. I don’t totally hate it (which I generally tend to do with any release approximately one week after it comes out), so I suppose I should consider it a success. Seriously, I think it looks and sounds great and those two things are good enough for me, irrespective of how many people buy it.

You’ve had some line-up changes over the last year or so since I interviewed you guys for FPH. How do you feel about Dave Peverett, Roger Earl, and Tony Stevens leaving Weird Party to start Foghat?

Keg – I wonder which one of us remaining original members is the Kim Simmonds of the band?

It’s a Monday night show. Folks have classes or work the next morning and some may not want to pay for it the next day. Why don’t you step up to the podium here and sell the show to those folks.

Keg – Mad Macka is absolutely one of the best rock and roll frontmen I’ve ever seen. He’s a great guitar player, writes fantastically tough yet catchy tunes, and has an undeniable animal magnetism that draws in people from all walks of life. He’s an attorney, a swim coach, an ex-lifeguard, a historian, but he lays all of that aside to play rip roaring rock and roll. I personally guarantee people who like to rock will not be disappointed with this show. Weird Party is no slouch either.

Having toured Australia a couple times, I know that Australians will come out on a Monday night and rage for good rock n’ roll. I firmly believe us Texans will show our Antipodean brethren the same love.

Weird Party and Mad Macka perform Monday October 1, 2012 @ Rudyard’s
9pm, 21+, FREE