By: Amanda Hart

Need something to do this Labor Day? Here is a list of our favorite all things weird:

  1. The Orange Show: Every year I meet native Houstonians who give me a blank stare when I mention the magnificent Orange Show. Jeff McKissack (1902 – 1980) is the man who gave birth to this Houston landmark. McKissack spent the depression era transporting Florida oranges, the orange show is a monument to those bright balls of goodness. Do yourself a favor and stop what you are doing and head that way right now. Take a joint with you, you are going to need it.
  2. The Flower Man: There are no words. Just watch this video.
  3. The National Museum of Funeral History: This place is the bee’s knees. One of the creepiest attractions Houston has to offer for sure. The museum offers an extensive display of caskets and hearses from all over the world. Smoke some weed and go explore.
  4. Adickes SculpturWorx Studio: Here you will find a gigantic “We Heart Houston” Sign, larger than life president heads and the greatest homage to the Beatles one will ever see.
  5. Art Car Museum: Houston is the “Art car capital of the world” which makes this museum a must see. So what are you waiting for?
  6. Beer Can House: It is just what it sounds like, a house made out of 39,000 cans of Coors Light. A Houston treasure for sure.

I know many of you will be making your way to Galveston this Monday:

Hurricane Ike tree sculptures: After Ike devastated our shores in 2008 instead of chopping down all the mangled trees some artist had a different idea. The trees became highly detailed sculptures scattered throughout the city. They consist of the Tin Man and Toto, a geisha, dogs, a toad, dolphins and many others. You can view photos and a map here.

The best of Texas weird:

  1. Texas Prison Museum, Huntsville: As disturbing as this museum might be, it is undeniably something you would only find in Texas. Leave it to us to make a prison museum in which we showcase “Old Sparky”, the electric chair that ended the life of 361 prisoners between 1924 and 1964. Besides “Old sparky” this museum offers the following exhibits: contraband, notable prisoners, prison hardwares, Texas Prison Rodeo and a 9’x 6’ jail cell that allows you to take a photo all dolled up in a prison uniform.
  2. Buckhorn Saloon and Museum, San Antonio: Opened and operated by “Texas Bob”, this is the weirdest of the weird Texas has to offer. Advertised as “five museums in one”, be sure to check out the 520 different stuffed species while drinking a beer from the saloon.
  3. Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo: Cadillac Ranch is an example of what happens when people from San Francisco find their way to Texas. Erected along Route 66 is 10 half buried Cadillacs with their tail fins sticking straight into the air. They were buried in 1974 and from that point on town folks and travelers have been defacing them ever since. You can smell the spray paint for miles.