Christmas gives us the warm fuzzies, and Houston, so often, gives us a warm Christmas. If this Christmas is anything like last year or the year before that, consider sipping Gatorade instead of hot chocolate. A light application of sun block might not be a bad idea, either, and the roaring fire is best saved for the one light freeze we get every other year, and treat as if it were a harbinger of doomsday by cancelling school and work, shutting down the city, and refusing to leave our homes.

Sadly, our sunny eighty-degree winters are never described in Christmas songs. But this year, Vodi has given us an indie Christmas song and an accompanying music video (filmed by Jacob Miles) that won’t remind Houstonians of the white Christmas they will almost certainly not be getting.

Instead of the weather, the subject of “This is the Best Christmas” is spending time with your special someone. It’s the “best Christmas” because you have someone who has you, who makes all material possessions seem unnecessary: “Tell Santa Clause I don’t need him this year because what I wanted is already here,” Tom Lynch (vocals/guitar) sings in the chorus.

Both song and video are cute, cozy and corky. They make you want to snuggle up with your special someone — whether that someone be your romantic partner, best friend, sibling, parent, cat or dog — and feast on sweets.

In the video, Tom Lynch and Haley Lynch (guitar/back-up vocals), who are Mr. and Mrs. Lynch in real life, do some snuggling, some snogging, and some sugary feasting on Christmas day. But before any of that adorableness, they start off the holiday alone.

The video opens with Tom bicycling to his house, where he sits on the couch playing cards by himself, bored and wanting company.

“To be alone tonight just ain’t right,” he sings in verse one.

So he calls up Haley. They both get ready the way you would for a first date. She drives over to his place, and they spend the evening honoring various Christmas traditions: lighting the tree, giving each other gifts, hanging mistletoe, looking out for Santa’s reindeer.

After honoring some of said traditions, they break the fourth wall by looking directly at the camera, and when the two “watch the sky for reindeer,” they dangle toy replicas of the animals in front of black construction paper.

The video is lighthearted, and the song, with all the sweetness and holiday cheer of spiked eggnog, puts you in the Christmas mood. Keyboardists Austin Sepulvado and David Lasco play melodies that sound like Rudolf prancing on a piano, and sleigh bells can be heard on the downbeat at times.

“This is the Best Christmas” has been released just in time for you to play it on loop while shopping, decorating, wrapping, or cooking. I suggest doing just that.