Vulgaria is a Hong Kong sex farce as well as a takeoff of moviemaking. It would be fair to say that the storyline is raunchy but that doesn’t begin to describe how hilarious this Cantonese import really is. Opening in Houston this weekend at the Studio 30, with English and Mandarin subtitles, Vulgaria has great crossover potential both to foreign film fans and comedy addicts.

A producer sits before a college class and answers questions in no uncertain terms much to the consternation of the professor. This producer makes Category III films and his first meeting with investors turns ugly when said moneyman, a Triad chief called Brother Tyrannosaurus, insists the producer have sex with a mule before he’ll write the check. Meanwhile the producer browbeat by his divorced wife for alimony finds himself between a rock and hard place as an actress sues him for sexual harassment.

There’s another aspiring actress who gives blowjobs while chewing popping rocks candy. Throw in an aging actress who is cast because she was a star in Shaw Brothers films two generations ago and Vulgaria just goes off the wacky scale, in a good way. Oh yeah, Brother Tyrannosaurus wants his mule to have a role in the film.

In Hong Kong director Pang Ho-cheung is also renown as a novelist, television host and actor. Vulgaria has a heart and enough randy charm to ensure Pang becomes a cult object abroad.

— Michael Bergeron