If you listen to Howard Stern, you’re familiar with the brand UNTUCKit. But if you don’t, you soon will be because the New York apparel company is opening their first brick-and-mortar store in Houston today, May 15. The new, 1,986-square-foot store is located in the Galleria, in the same hangar as Saks Fifth Avenue.

UNTUCKit “was created in 2011 to solve the problem of the long, sloppy look of untucked and ill-fitting dress shirts by designing shirts that are meant to be worn untucked,” their team says. “They’ve since introduced categories ranging from t-shirts and polos to sports jackets and performance wear — plus, the launch of women’s and boy’s lines in 2017.”

I asked founder Chris Riccobono about revolutionizing something so commonplace — shirts — to which he responded: “We haven’t really revolutionized the concept of the untucked, button-down shirt, so much as we’ve normalized it.” He continues: “Men have been wearing shirts untucked for years, but most of their options were too long and sloppy for the casual look they were going for. After a year of research, we were able to perfect the length and fit so guys can look and feel good in what they’re wearing,” he continues.

UNTUCKit was started in a bedroom located in Hoboken, New Jersey in 2011. Now, less than a decade later, there are more than 25 locations across the country. “It’s definitely crazy to think about,” notes Riccobono. “I knew we were solving a major gap in the mens retail space, but I am surprised at how fast we’ve grown and how appreciative men have been for us solving these length and fit problems for them. We’re excited for everyone to experience them up close and in-person at The Galleria!”

One of Riccobono’s slogans for the brand is, “We’re always listening to our customers.” While men’s apparel is what launched the company into success, they have since started branching out, including women and children is their design. “In 2011, due to high customer demand, we began offering new product categories. Ranging from t-shirts, v-necks and polos, to sweaters, sports jackets and performance wear. In the past year, we’ve also expanded to shorts, pants and shoes to round out the offerings in the men’s line.”

UNTUCKit’s Galleria address is 5115 Westheimer Rd Space C2553 Houston, TX, 77056. The team also writes: “Designed with the customer in mind, UNTUCKit stores are a blend of comfort and class, with deep blue walls and casual lounge area to make for an easy and beautiful shopping experience. Plus, don’t miss the wine table display with empty wine bottles and our top picks for the season.”