Rock and Roll! No, not “Rock,” I’m talking Rock and Roll in its purest Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Chuck Berry form. Few people know this but, during secret cold war tests in the American desert, this stuff was sucked up into a wormhole and sent forward 2,000 years into the future. It’s a bleak future where robots have enslaved most of humanity and when Rock and Roll was hurled forward in time, it took possession of one man, Jon Read. Filled with the power of Rock and Roll, Read turned upon his masters and led a rebellion against the mechanical overlords. The humans were victorious in the end but a small band of robots took their revenge by sneaking up behind Reed during his inaugural address to the Solar System and sending him back in time – our time. To this day, Read walks as a man out of time performing as The Wiggins with a noisy brand of guitar and drum machine fueled Rock and Roll that embodies both the past and the cold bleak future that awaits us. The Myth of Man, his newest album, makes its debut on Team Science this Friday and so we sought out the future savior of humanity.

Tell us a bit about the new album. Where was it recorded, how was it recorded, and how is it different from your previous work?

Jon – It’s just longer. The recorded was recorded the same as the last two 7″, on my computer (on garage band), in my dining room with a few effects pedals and love. The songs span a LONG period of time. I think there’s a track that’s 4 years old on this. The record was delayed quite a bit. No one’s fault, really, but I’m worried it’s killed the little buzz I had. Fans move on pretty quickly.

You do a lot of visual art. How does the visual art feed into your music and visa versa?

Jon – They both eat up my time but what the fuck else am I going to do at this point? I have written songs about paintings, but I don’t think I’ve done a painting about a song…hmmmm.. gotta’ try that… In the end, it helps because I can make my own album artwork, flyers, and such.

There is a sensibility on your music that is a little odd but I can never quite put my finger on it exactly. What do you think is the essence of what makes your music skew the way it does?

Jon – I can’t. I do the things I do because I can and I like it. I don’t know why more bands don’t say “fuck it, music is stupid, let’s break it”…This attitude pays off in art, film, ect. But in rock, this is a one way ticket to the outer darkness. Why not change the frequency? Make it as mean and dirty as you can imagine… But whatever I’m doing is alienating me from having a lot of fans and being part of any kind of musical community. I have few band friends but we are all on the fringe. I’m too weird for the neo-garage stuff and to garage to be “noise.” It confuses people a lot.

What is the puzzling reaction to your music, art, or performance that you’ve ever received?

Jon –

“You’re from Australia or somewhere like that, right?”
“Why aren’t you more famous?”
“You’re a rock n’ roll hero waiting to get your sword”
“Where’s your drummer, asshole?!”
“Are you retarded?”

“Did you make this when you were a kid?”
“I want to take a vacation in your mind”
“Are you a racist?”
“The world needs more people like you”
“Are you retarded?”

I’ve always wanted to ask, what’s with the sunglasses?

Jon – Because I’m the love child of Roy Orbison and the Terminator… security blanket

Are you going to tour soon to promote the new record?

Jon – I have nothing planned out yet… I hope! I hope people listen to the record and demand it… I really need more fans. Fans that do more than pirate my songs.


The Wiggins’ Myth of Man Record Release with Wicked Poseur, Hearts of Animals, and Fiskadoro
Friday September 28, 2012 @ Walters 9pm $5