The Victim, starring Michael Biehn, Danielle Harris, and Jennifer Blanc premieres at the River Oaks Three in a special presentation Wednesday night (7:30). The film was written and directed by Biehn who will also host the event and answer questions afterwards.

Blanc, married to Biehn, spoke to Free Press Houston by phone in advance of the film’s screening. “This is a film where people wear many hats,” Blanc said noting that she was also one of the producers, the EPK producer and one of the film’s stars. Blanc met Biehn when they worked on the film Dead Men Can’t Dance, a 1997 action thriller centered on a special ops team that goes on a covert mission in North Korea. They dated and remained in touch, getting back together and married about five years later. Blanc describes The Victim as “a witty cool story line that incorporates drugs, dirty cops and torture.”

Biehn has mentioned in interviews that he was inspired to move from acting to writing and directing after working with Robert Rodriguez on Planet Terror. On another recent film that Blanc and Biehn worked together on, The Divide, Blanc notes that one of the crew members was reading the Rodriguez book Rebel Without A Crew. “It just drove home what Robert had been telling Michael, ‘just go do it.’”

The Victim took advantage of the grindhouse method of filmmaking. “We had four locations,” explained Blanc. “The base location of the cabin in the woods, outside around that, some stuff in a car, and a bit of a flashback we shot in Burbank.” The Victim was shot with a small crew of about 30 people. “We knew what we were in for,” Blanc laughs, adding “Me and Michael were naked doing a love scene during the first day of shooting.” Blanc and Biehn also co-stared in the legal drama, partially shot in Houston last year, Puncture due out in theaters this fall.

Blanc mentions that she and her husband can still walk down the street in anonymity but admits that people who recognize them and ask for autographs “are the people who keep us going.”

Tickets for The Victim premiere can be obtained online, and are also available at the door.

— Michael Bergeron