The Suffers released a new single this week, and, like all their songs, it descends from the heavens and alights on Earth with funk and soul and contagious joy. Tears will evaporate; broken hearts will be made whole; the downtrodden will find hope, and love will reign, even in this harrowing age of hate. “I Think I Love You” is just another reason among thousands of reasons to love The Suffers.

I’m lavishing superlatives, but the song has me grinning, and I can’t stop.

“I Think I Love You” is reserved at first. Keyboardist Patrick Kelly plays a quiet melody, pausing every couple of beats, so as not to make too much noise. Guitarist Kevin Bernier syncs palm- muted chords with Kelly’s melody, and drummer Nick Zamora pads along in the background.

Kam Franklin breezes into the verse with her majestic cool: “Twenty-nine — healthy age like a fine wine,” she croons, stressing each vowel. It’s gorgeous. It’s smooth. But you know they’re holding back, waiting for the right moment to explode, and no one explodes like Franklin and her crew.

They detonate in the chorus. The horn section expands brass lungs, and Franklin is exuberant with revelation: “I think I love you, I think, think I love you,” she declares.

The band cuts the second verse in half, so Franklin, unable to contain herself, can get back to avowing her love. Trumpeter Jon Durbin and trombonist Michael Rozo strut their stuff across the bridge in brief solos, and The Suffers closes the single with that dynamite chorus.

“I Think I Love You” had my fiancé and I dancing and singing along in our kitchen when we should’ve been working, and that’s not a bad thing. The Suffers reminds us that life should bubble and overflow.