By Jack Daniel Betz

This band is clearly influenced by the Mars Volta. That’s one of the first things the listener will notice. However that quickly becomes irrelevant as the album progresses. The songs are not cheap cardboard cutouts of Mars Volta tracks, they’re merely inspired by the same energy and most contain the same depth. The execution is there.

While nearly every song is solid enough to be its own single, the track that truly makes this album is “Vulpecula/Luna Mare.” There are radical variations in tempo, volume, and mood which set it apart from even other songs on the same record. Besides their more modern influences the band admits they’re also inspired by older prog rock acts like Pink Floyd. The ending of “Walk-Ins and Wanderers” contains a small section that would make David Gilmour proud, before plunging back into a more aggressive hard rock sound.

For a freshman effort especially, this album is simply incredible. If this band continues to write the way they do, there will be even better records ahead.