By Maxwell Morgan

The Texans suffered their first loss of the season Sunday night in what was an utter thrashing by the Green Bay Packers on NBC’s nationally televised Sunday Night Football. The Packers got out to an early 14-0 lead and never looked back as Aaron Rodgers threw six, I repeat, SIX whopping touchdowns to lead his team to a 42-24 victory.

No amount of discount double check jokes can wipe off the egg on the Texans faces right now. Our hometown team got dominated in seemingly every facet of the game. Particularly, the mental side of the game, as the defense and special teams committed several back breaking penalties that kept the Packers drives alive. Aaron Rodgers was money last night. He made passes that looked plain silly, as he tore apart the Texans man coverage all night long.

Texans defensive phenom JJ Watt accrued two more sacks to retake the league lead with 9.5 after a week in which Elias Sports Bureau stripped him of one. Elias cited that Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill was tackled on a designed run play in the 30-10 victory a month ago. Watt gave Texans fans a bit of a lift by mocking first Aaron Rodgers, then Clay Matthews’ celebrations after his sacks.

Still, on this night, there was no shrugging off Aaron Rodgers.

As usual, the crowd was absolutely electric. I was certain there were to be boatloads of Packers fans, which there no doubt were, but not nearly as many as I initially presumed. Many saw this game as a good opportunity to make some money back on their season tickets by selling them because tickets were quite a hot commodity for this marquee match-up. I’d guess many that chose to sell their seats do not regret it, but I personally revel in these game day experiences.

At least the tailgating was amazing… as usual.

It looked as if the tailgating festivities were going to be ruined by rain, but the weather relented just in time. It was a bit soggy and steamy, but the skies were clear and the BBQ was cooking. Many fans were clad in their brightest pink to show their support for “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” while others went the more traditional route of face paint, silly hats, etc.

Speaking of silly hats, I’ve never seen so many dumb foam cheese hats in my life. I don’t care if your team wins, you still look like a dummy with one of those hats. They had all kinds. I saw a cheese cowboy hat, baseball cap, ones with arms coming out, and of course innumerable “OG” cheese head hats. All had the same effect on the wearer, to visually reduce their IQ level.

This weeks loss hurt the Texans fan. We got whooped on national television. Many will say, “We needed a reality check.” but I could have done with a more modest one if that be the case. One that had a much smaller point spread. They had better make adjustments fast, as the 5-1 Ravens come to town next week.

Next Week: vs The Baltimore Ravens @ Reliant Stadium Sunday, Oct. 20, at 12:00pm

Arguably our biggest non division rival comes to town next week sporting three former Texans in their starting line up, (safety Bernard Pollard, fullback Vonta Leach, and wide receiver Dropcoby Jacoby Jones) as the Ravens look to move to 6-0 all time versus the Texans. The Raves squeaked a win out this week versus the Cowboys, but took a huge blow to their vaunted defense losing emotional leader Ray Lewis, and number one cornerback Ladarius Webb, to season ending injuries.

I expect a slim victory over Baltimore. The crowd should be pumped up for the annual “Battle Red Day” and out for a little revenge over last years playoff loss. Baltimore has a deadly running game, and I expect Ray Rice to gash The Texans for some long runs, but the injuries to their squad will add up to too much. I have to believe Arian Foster and The Texans offense will have a rebound week. Foster is a very driven person, and I would think he’d be prime to make a statement after this embarrassing loss.

Here are some pics from this weeks festivities: