It’s finals week and I am desperately looking for new music to avoid studying. This week, FPH Film Critic Michael Bergeron took over our Spotify and served up a platter of 15 tracks. I can honestly say that the office was excited to see what he would put on his list, because he is one of the first I’m including that doesn’t work out of the building with us. We were all kind of under the impression that he would throw in a plethora songs from soundtracks, but I think this list is just as good!

“The music in your life constantly changes,” Bergeron says. “This Spotify playlist focuses on rock and genre-related songs. Other Spotify playlists in my queue compile goofy rock and pop songs, jazz standards as well as a movie soundtrack playlist.”

Bergs’ playlist opens with the seminal guitar song sensation that is “Highway Star.” When asked about it, he told me: “The feeling of driving down the Interstate at one hundred miles per hour was born with Deep Purple’s “Highway Star.” Even more than ZZ Top’s “Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers,” or Harry Nilsson’s “Jump Into the Fire,” the rocking guitar (Ritchie Blackmore) and organ lead combo (Jon Lord) matched by Ian Gillan’s screaming lead vocal launch this song with rocket fuel. There are some other solid rockers in this fifteen-song playlist from bands as diverse as Plastic Bertrand and Ian Drury. In an alternative universe the list contains The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and The Clash.”

Regarding some of the lesser-known artists, I was given: “Austin-based Shotgun Party may well be the most obscure group of recent time yet their multiple CDs reflect a homespun honesty mixed with pure country harmonies. Now broken up and splintered into other groups (check out Jenny Parrot on Facebook) their legacy left us with the perfect folk confection ‘Operatar.’”

The playlist ends with the all-too-relatable “(We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang,” which, in my humblest opinion, doesn’t need much explanation or correlation. This is different, so get in your car, windows down, and blast these tracks.