When I started the Staff Infection series, one goal, besides to show off some bangers, was to get to know a bit more about the people that have been, essentially, my second family for almost three years. With that said, I usually picked up on their tastes pretty early. However, when Fem Massink started working at the office about a month or two ago, I figured it was a perfect chance to get to know a little about her — essentially doing exactly what I envisioned this series doing.

The site operations manager keeps headphones in compared to most of us who crank up the volume for the whole office to hear. When I got this playlist, she told me what most of this music was, because I can honestly say I was not familiar with a single artist. She responded with the fact that she and her husband enjoy making playlists and DJing, and that this list spotlighted funk music. “For DJ En Funque, I’m always on a treasure hunt for funky beats that make me happy and keep me going during long event-weeks or on the dance-floor!” Massink told me.

I asked Fem about the general vibe of this list, to which she responded “These are the type of tracks I listen to when I ride my old Dutch bike through sunny Houston!”

This playlist is definitely worth a listen, and I think you’ll have a deeper understanding of funk once it’s over.