Chris Wise has finally accepted the challenge to take over the FPH playlist. The Day for Night Talent Buyer/Buxton rockstar bassist has a vast knowledge and appreciation of music, which is crucial to his role at the festival. Whether he’s jamming Liars or Young People through his AirPods, it’s clear that he has the ability to get lost in music.

When I got the playlist over from Chris, I had a general idea what to expect, but when he included tracks from an artist like John Maus, I was like “oh hey, that’s cool!”

The list included as a track by Rainer Maria, noting “this song in particular just sort of carries this moment in time when I started going to shows. Randomly catching a Young People and not quite understanding it all. Going to Bucky’s garage sale outside of Walters on Washington. Not exactly pre-internet, but maybe a little pre-oversaturation of everything all the time.”

Also, Chris has included a song by Dean Blunt, because “I was working at cactus and found this cd in a DVD case. No real way of knowing who put it out or who the artist was. Assumed it was a local release. Kinda blew my mind. This led me into Hype Williams, Babyfather etc. Maybe the most polarizing set at DFN last year. It was amazing.”

The final song, the Decembrists’ “the Mariner’s Revenge Song” was included because “KTRU punished Houston with The Mariner’s Revenge Song on endless repeat in the early 2000’s. I’m guessing it’s my earliest memory of trolling. Or what I’m hoping is trolling.”

Good job, Christopher. Anyway, back next week.