Hey, so I know it’s not Wednesday, but hear me out. As a consolation prize, I have 15 new songs for you to listen to, courtesy of Day For Night Marketing Director Gloria Cheng. When I started this series I was very eager to get to see a bit more into my coworkers and see what they listen to in their free time, and I can honestly say that this list certainly had some shockers. I was informed that classical music would be very spotlighted, I was more than surprised to see some Ratatat.

On “Loud Pipes,” Gloria noted: “This one is kind of nostalgic for me. My undergrad was in the early 2000’s, which is when I really started to discover music and listen to it for the sake of listening. Music in the background or as a prop isn’t the same thing. I remember being excited by what was beyond the mainstream — new sounds, new tempos, transportive messages, unique artists and their voices. This track brings back 2 a.m. drives to and from Austin, College Station and Houston with a car full of friends so we could have our fun and be back in time for class.”

Another very awesome aspect of this list is that she shows some local love. Houston indie outfit Vodi got some love with the inclusion of their track “Talk.” Cheng told me “I remember feeling surprised when I looked into this artist duo. With parents born in the early 1940’s and 1950’s, I thought I’d have an ear for the music they were listening to in college — the height of the 1960’s and 1970’s. This artist successfully pays homage to that look and sound.”

And I also asked her about some of the classical choices included in her list. (Fun fact: I did not realize how many different versions there are of these compositions). Anyway, she wrote back about “Nocturne No. 20 in C-Sharp Minor, Op. posth (Arranged for Violin and Orchestra), to which she responded “it might be because I took piano and flute lessons when I was young, but I’ve always found classical music to be, well, classic. For me, it bookends all music. It’s the first thing fledgling musicians learn, and what so few virtuosos have truly made their own. Modern songs convey a static emotion: love, hate, pain… the classics take you on a journey — the discovery, the rise, the journey, the challenge, the fall, the failure or success. It’s a timeless story without words.”

So, yeah, be cultured and listen to this list — you’ll thank me later!