We’re on the cusps of spring break. The rapidly depleting South Texas beaches are set to host a plethora of drunkards and Austin will see even more hipsters in town for SXSW (I’m excited for it, nonetheless). Anyway, I digress. This week Free Press Houston’s newest employee, James “Haze” Hayes, who wears many hats, from coordinating local club events to assisting Omar Afra to helping out the other staffers, took over our Spotify to serve up a new round of Staff Infection. On the vibe of the playlist, Hayes responded: “The attitude I’ve had lately while listening to music has mainly been vibes that are emotionally triggering and moving.”

One track that Hayes commented on was EDEN’s “rock + roll,” noting “It is a song everyone should pay attention to because it’s teaching a lesson that you should hear.” And going from that to the total opposite on the musical spectrum, I was very surprised to see Fuzz’s “Hazemaze.” When I asked James about this track, he commented “Hazemaze is just too perfect. Hazemaze just happens.”

So, there you have it. Check out this eclectic mix — you’re in for a surprise. Talk next week.

EDITOR’S NOTE: James is new here and still soaking in the exceptional musical tastes of his coworkers. In spite of that, he did a pretty good job with this playlist.