Hey again, it’s me. I hope last week’s playlist helped get you through the week. I was planning on holding off on curating one till, perhaps, the last of the series, but I ended up ignoring my schoolwork and worked on this instead. (You can find my playlist here.) When I first started working on this series, I was not aware how utterly difficult it would be to jam down 15 songs in a playlist that expresses what you’re into, even if it’s just a phase. So take it as it is, as I am sure it would be a completely different next week, or two weeks ago. You get what I mean.

Lately I’ve been into gothic music from the ‘80s, but that’s probably because I’m currently taking a British literature class, so that’s where Bauhaus and the Sisters of Mercy are coming from. The opening Nine Inch Nails track is one of personal favorites of Trent Reznor and co., as it goes back to his upbringing with all the classical piano training he took in the middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania. As for the hip-hop front, I went with one of my favorites, A Tribe Called Quest, and for good reason. They’re most definitely worth a spot. The last track was a 2-for-1 deal: I was able to include M.I.A., whom I am a massive fan of, and Suicide, as the backing sample is “Ghost Rider.” I had a Martin Rev track in the initial version of this list. Anyway, r.i.p., Alan Vega. Also, note that I originally wanted the Noam Chomsky lecture from a Bad Religion 7” to play the role as the opening track, but it’s not on Spotify.

Some songs are long, some are drony, and some are long and drony. None of it really goes together, but feel the music.