It is Wednesday, my dudes! While some are excited that it’s officially the halfway point to the end of the week, I am excited to present this week’s Staff Infection. This week’s playlist comes from none other than Day for Night General Manager Marini van Smirren. Marini did a super impressive job of curating a playlist filled with artists that are not normally going to be seen on your daily mixes!

When one arrives at the FPH office, they usually walk into the middle of an NTS playlist that is shredding throughout the office. Though the rest of the office has all gotten pretty into the site, Marini has taken a particular liking to it, and as a result, we have all started to get familiar with some DJs, bands, and musicians that we probably would have never been aware of without NTS.

When I reached out to Marini about the specific songs that she chose for this week’s installment, she replied: “I found these ‘80s synth and random tunes via NTS, so definitely don’t try and talk to me about any of these bands. NTS is an online radio station I’d marry and never cheat on, because that’s not what you do when you get married. Just kidding. I’ll NEVER get married.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Well, there you have it. Get deep, get retro, and seriously get familiar with