Something Fierce (Photo by Meredith McGuire)

When it comes to the punkiest of the punky punks, Something Fierce stands unrivaled in Houston. Their catchy songs bang with a heavy beat, loud melodic guitars, and harmonies that hit all parts of your body until you have no choice but to dance and sing along. Unlike the recent Republican mantra of “I built this myself,” Something Fierce also carries a humble DIY punk ethos that is as much about history, community, and friendships as it is about the music they create and the hard work behind it. In that spirit it’s not too surprising to see them hook up with Denton’s Occult Detective Club for a split 10-Inch. We asked the ever scrappy Steven Garcia about the upcoming release and about this Sunday’s record release show.

I really dig the lead track. It keeps along with that late 70’s punk sound (Buzzcocks and similar bands in there). Where was it recorded, how did the session go, and how did these songs come about?

Steven –We tracked the bass and drums at Sugarhill with Chris Longwood. We were lucky enough to establish a nice partnership with him on our last record, so he’s my go-to engineer at the moment. More importantly, he understands the way I work, which is good because some engineers would cringe at the idea of me butchering their work in my process. See, the rest of the job was finished in all kinds of places. Some guitar at the practice space, some in a closet. A few vocals takes were done at a cabin in Texas hill country, while others were finished in a long apartment hallway. I laid shit down wherever I could to finish the mix in a timely manner, and the songs found life somewhere in all of that chaos.

Speaking of the lead track, what is “Warlords of Information” about?

Steven –It’s a pretty straight-forward, if somewhat heavy-handed, song about the way we are fed marketing and advertising in every aspect of our lives, at every moment, and how we seem to be okay with that relationship. It’s like the movie They Live. With the aliens and the mullets and everything.

Why did you guys decide to do a split 10-inch?

Steven –To keep active, to release a different size record, and to hit the road again. Gotta stay road tough.

Why don’t you introduce folks to Occult Detective Club. They are an Austin band, aren’t they? Where’d you meet them and what links your bands together?

Denton, actually [Whoops, my bad-RM] . We met these guys years ago as members of Maaster Gaiden and Stymie, but I really feel they came to fruition as ODC. Once I heard their tightly wound jams with lyrical depth, I knew we’d found our brothers in music. It made sense for everyone, including Dirtnap Records. They were looking for an excuse to release ODC, so we gave it to ’em.

You’re doing your 10inch release on Sunday, the Christian holy day where God was supposed to rest from like, you know, making the whole universe in a week and stuff. So, if God were to decide to kick back and relax on a Sunday…I dunno, shoot some hoops, knock a couple Shiners back, or whatever you do when you’re some universe creating being – what would be his go-to punk album?

Steven – Gang of Four – Entertainment. And fuck you, that’s punk.

So is God pleased with this split 10 inch? You know, rang you up and said “Good Job guys!” or something like that?

Steven – God wants nothing to do with this record.


Something Fierce & Occult Detective Club celebrate the release of their split-10″ this Sunday, August 26 with special guests Mikey & The Drags @ Mango’s $8