By Jack Daniel Betz

Second Lovers self-describes as “folk-rock/indie” but given the current state of “indie” (fawning, overwrought, forced) they ought to withdraw their alliance. “Wishers” is a beautifully crafted album that has the real potential of remaining timeless, far more than anything that gets the label “indie”, nowadays.

To enter the tranquil, Americana-laden beauty of Second Lover’s debut I’d have to direct listeners to song “By the River”. Nic Morales croons eloquently, with just a dash of Kurt Cobain gravel in his voice, about some past regret that he doesn’t fully reveal. You know it’s something heartrending, something really sad because even without all the details, the pathos is still there. “Moonshine Hill” is another good way to appreciate a representative slice of the album and also the fiddle skills of member Ashley Parker.

It would seem that the band takes its title from Townes Van Zandt’s (a former Houston resident) song of a similar name. It’s pathetic and infuriating when a band takes a name inspired by a true idol and then uses the unearned recognition provided by said name as a soapbox to churn out forgettable crap music. But Second Lovers has definitely earned the right to borrow based on their commitment to producing authentic folk music that will hopefully set an example for a generation of musicians looking to ride the
next train out of gravy station. Americana is not dead if its future is going to be curated by more people like
members of Second Lovers.