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Great video and photos from last week’s Indict America Protest for Mike Brown last week, with too many words from Herb. (Pro tip: skip the words.)

Your Douchey Response to People Protesting the Police

Text and Photos By Nick Cooper You hear the voices in the streets and you want to share your thoughts. You think that the people should be more outraged about the negligent “accidental” shooting of Akai Gurley in a stairway, because Akai Gurley wasn’t doing anything that could even be considered wrong or rebellious. A … Continued

Community Oriented Policing

By Richard Hanna Edited by Nick Cooper In Ferguson, Missouri, a young black man was shot by the police even though his hands were up. In New York City, a man was choked to death by the police for selling illegal cigarettes. These are two of the many hot spots around the country where a … Continued

Net Neutrality: Bus Trip to the Bush School of Government

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai is holding an open forum on Net Neutrality at Texas A&M University in College Station on Tues., Oct. 21. A free bus ticket will be provided for people in Houston to travel to College Station on Tuesday, Oct. 21, at 7 a.m. (and return around 2:30 p.m.).

Torry Mercer: Musings of a Pro-Airstrikes Anarchist

I already know that every US president is a war criminal with as much or more blood on their hands as Assad. Two wrongs don’t make a right. The difference is that the US is not having a popular uprising and no US presidents have bombed any US cities to dust for over 150 years. You can’t justify the cowardice of sitting idly by while Assad commits genocide on his own people because of the ignoble history of US foreign policy.

Sunday at Rothko: Culturunners / Edge of Arabia

By Nick Cooper This Sunday, the UN’s International Day of Peace, Houston will host the kick off of a three year tour, focusing on art and dialogue between the US and Middle East. The Rotkho Chapel will host a free evening program of artists in discussion & film screening — and the launch of a … Continued

You Better Sit Again, Citizen

The video shows camouflage-clad police officers piled into the BearCat. It shows up. They get out. They start shooting things. At one point it pokes a hole into a building and injects tear gas. And it was all set to AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck.”

A Little Help? Trying to Stop a War Here…

If you’ve ever spent any time trying to stop the US or its allies from bombing, arming, incarcerating, torturing, or otherwise oppressing others, you have probably had someone tell you that you’re wasting your time.