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KTRU’s Back (somewhat)

By Nick Cooper Today it was announced by the FCC that Rice University Radio will be back on the FM dial. The details include: the frequency will be 96.1FM, the broadcast power will be quite low — 41 Watts, and the height of the antenna will be 47 meters near Rice Stadium. Starting up as … Continued

Segregated Epitaphs

By Nick Cooper “Why Haven’t Muslims Confronted Extremism?” Muslims in the U.S. and European media are given the chance to speak up on one topic: ‘Do you support this latest attack by some Muslim/s?’ Imagine if Jews only got on tv to answer: ‘Do you support this latest attack by Israel / Israeli settlers?’ Even more … Continued

Giving Out Presents to Kids Visiting Parents in Jail

By Nick Cooper On December 24th, activists, community members, and End Mass Incarceration Houston returned to Harris County Jail to give gifts to children who have no choice but to go there to visit their loved ones at Christmas time. After a miserable experience trying to say hello to an incarcerated parent, kids were welcomed … Continued

And the Losers Are…

It would have been nice to hear actual debate on fundamental disagreements on issues, but instead we became the viewing audience at a elaborately produced play paid for and choreographed by PACs and rich people. Every few years, the audience gets to vote, choosing between a party that proudly proclaims empty nationalist rhetoric, and a party that stands weakly and ambivalently for some things that matter.