The Supreme Court has decided to uphold Hair Furher’s (racist) “travel ban,” CNN reports. The 5-4 decision shows the tension in Washington, with the votes coinciding with political leanings of the Supreme Court. Chief Justice John Roberts served as the tie-breaking vote, which he selected to side with the Republican majority. As a result, the Cheeto-in-Chief has responded by saying the ruling is “a tremendous victory for the American People.”

The legislation, which has been previously thrown away twice, has undergone edits, with this most recent one severely restricting immigration from five Muslim-majority nations — Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen — alongside North Korea and Venezuela.

Representative Don Beyer (D-VA) has urged Congress to overturn this ruling, declaring it such adjectives “immoral,” “racist,” and “wrong.”

Agent Orange took to Twitter regarding the Court’s decision:

More stark criticism of the decision has already began; New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told CNN, “This was clearly, in my opinion, a religious bias — it was camouflaged as national security, but it was Islamophobia.” Moreover, others claim that this position surpasses the legal authority the President has under the Constitution as well as various immigration law.

This graphic, courtesy of CNN, describes basic restrictions this ruling carries for each of the targeted nations: