According to an explosive new report from CNN, Russian operatives were behind last year’s anti-Islam protest at Houston’s Da’wah Center. It has now been discovered that the Facebook group behind the May 21, 2016 protest, which brought out a crowd of Confederate-flag-waving, white-lives-matter-banner-holding anti-Islam bigots and an even larger crowd of counter protestors, was organized by Russian operatives working for the Internet Research Agency, a Russian “Troll Factory” based in St Petersburg Russia.

The rally, called “Stop Islamization of Texas,” was organized by the Russian-run Heart of Texas Facebook page to protest the opening of a new library at the Houston-based center, which had been wrongly accused of being the recipient of public funding.

According to CNN, Heart of Texas was just one of 470 Russian-linked accounts and pages Facebook turned over to Congress as part of it’s investigation into ads generated by the Internet Research Agency intended to help sway the election in Trumps favor and sow general discord in the American populous.

FPH was on the ground last year when the protest went down and filmed video of the event. Feel free to watch the below video for an inside look.

More information on the anti-immigrant, anti-clinton group, which had over 225,000 followers before being shut down last summer, can be found here.