The Landmark River Oaks Theatre hosts a fundraiser for Harvey aid from Tuesday, Sept. 19 through Wednesday, Sept. 20. Both films are classic movies that were shot, partially or completely, in Texas

The Texas-centric film series specifically benefits Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, with 100 percent of the box office revenues going towards the charity.

Tuesday night kicks off with Apollo 13, which won two Academy Awards in 1996 after being nominated for nine of them. The Ron Howard directed film accurately depicts events during the 1970 space mission that faced near disaster. Apollo 13 moves from dramatic behind the scenes rescue efforts at Johnson Space Center to the crippled module. A popular tagline that came from the actual event and was used in promoting the film was “Houston, we have a problem.” One particularly moving moment is the character of Gene Kranz, NASA Flight Director, played by Ed Harris as a hard-boiled administrator, who reminds his crew “Failure is not an option.”

Wednesday night offers the directorial debut from the Coen Brothers – Blood Simple. Joel and Ethan Coen shot most of the film around Austin and fondly recall M. Emmet Walsh telling them he felt he was working on a student film. Blood Simple also stars John Getz, Dan Hedaya, and Francis McDormand in her acting debut.

Blood Simple and Apollo 13 both unwind at 7 pm.