Houston-based rap quintet Twenty Eleven disbanded in 2014. Since then, each member has established himself as a solo artist, and Brad Gilmore and Tre’ Will, the group’s rappers and lyricists, have sought careers outside of music; Gilmore is a successful radio and TV host, and Will now works as an English teacher. But Twenty Eleven has regrouped, and they just dropped a new single titled “Falling Back.”

Twenty Eleven was always good, undoubtedly one of Houston’s strongest acts. After forming in high school in 2008, Twenty Eleven put out three LPs between 2010 and 2013, each one better than the last. But “Falling Back” might be the group’s most well-rounded song yet.

It opens with an airy, entrancing synth effect that ghosts behind a beat that pounds and cracks in the verses. Twenty Eleven’s producer Avery Davis, who now writes under the name Us, nearly fades out in the chorus as Corbin Dallas sings, tender and slowly, in the foreground.

In the verses, Gilmore and Will bemoan failed relationships. The first line — “This is the type of music I get mad to” — lets us know that we’re in for a salty song. “Falling Back” is wordy. At times, you wonder if Gilmore and Will have grown a third lung; they cram a series of verbose, rapid-fire lines into a single breath without sounding in need of air. But it’s not too wordy. Nor is it too fast. If they removed a single line or dialed the speed up or down a little, the song wouldn’t work. Will and Gilmore deliver each syllable at the right moment.

It’s always interesting to hear what a group sounds like after the members haven’t made music together in years. Sometimes the best way for a group to improve is to break up and, after years of each member creating separately, get back together and have everyone bring what they’ve learned about music and life to the table.

Give “Falling Back” a listen and hear how each member has evolved and matured.