As of August 1st, under the Affordable Healthcare Act, life just got a helluva lot better for women. All FDA approved forms of birth control – including the pill, IUD’s and more – are all officially available through private insurance companies with no cost sharing like co-pays or deductibles for the women they cover. There are many things the the health care act has made available specific to women’s health. Pap smears and annual wellness exams are also now covered by your insurance with no extra cost to you!

Besides the birth control and preventative screenings now available the act also covers a multitude of services specific to women’s health. Such as comprehensive lactation support and counseling for mothers. And the cost for breastfeeding equipment will also not be absorbed by the insurance companies. Annual HIV and STI screenings and counseling are now also covered for women. Domestic violence screenings and counseling are now also covered by insurance companies. If you know someone who is a victim of domestic violence sharing this resource with them could potentially be a life saving discussion.

Let’s spread the word to our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends and community. Most women have no idea what is now covered and now it is up to us to spread the word. For most student insurance plans this went into effect on August 1st and for many employee plans the changes will take effect on January 1st. Be sure to contact your insurance provider for more information.