Well, we’ve been announcing a lot of big upcoming announcements lately, but behind the scenes at the secret underground FPSF bunker, we’ve been working overtime just to make sure the festival still happens. See, earlier this month, the sods at Houston City Council Grass and Turf Committee told us out of nowhere that because of the damage done to the Eleanor Tinsley lawn during the rainstorms of Summerfest 2009 and 2010, we needed to put up a million dollar bond by April 20th just to get the park permits for this year. Needless to say, it was looking like Summerfest was turning into Bummerfest…but that’s when our new sponsors stepped up.

Free Press Summerfest is proud to announce not one but TWO new sponsors for this year’s festival—British Petroleum and HUMMER! And with the new sponsors comes a new name: the Houston Free Press Summerfest will now be known as the BP HUMMERFEST.

Nothing else changes. You still get the same great bands at the same great price on the same dates at the same place. The only difference is that we’ll have a new logo and our staff won’t have to slide around the mud in sorry ass golf carts this year because Chevrolet’s got fat pockets from their government bailout and they’re donating seven HUMMERS to the event. Not only that, but festival co-founder Omar Afra will personally give away one HUMMER to a lucky festivalgoer on the Main Stage at 4:20, Sunday.