This Thursday, The Pilot Dance Project will present Jaime Frugé-Walne’s TWENTY-FIVE. The interactive production, which runs through Feb. 3, is inspired by personal accounts of the American prison system’s mass incarceration problem. The performance project envelopes the viewer in an individualized experience throughout the performance. During the performance, each audience member is paired with a performer who guides them through the production of specially curated environments. While engaging and interacting with the viewers, the performers move the audience through the feelings of loss, emptiness and identity vacancy that inmates and their families experience.

“I am thrilled that the Pilot Dance Project is tackling such a serious issue with this production,” says Executive/Artistic Director Adam Castaneda. “It’s not every day that modern dancers get the opportunity to explore their craft through such compelling and resonant material. This is a work that audiences will appreciate for its universal themes and poignant stories.”

The anticipated performance runs for three days, with eight possible opportunities to attend. Directed by The Pilot Dance Project and choreographed by Jaime Frugé-Walne, the event is sure to tantalize the senses and engulf the viewers in a sensory journey.

The Pilot Dance Project is a program of FrenetiCore, non-profit arts organization with a mission to empower and transform. Working within the realm of innovative dance, theater, and visual art, the non-profit produces original and innovative community theater projects. Choreographer Jaime Frugé-Walne tends to work in co-creative performances, creating interactive environments for both the viewer and performer. In the past, she has presented work at CounterCurrent Festival’s Ten Tiny Dances, the Houston Fringe Festival and at Sam Houston State University, in addition to serving on Frenetic Theatre’s Artist Board.

Jaime works to intertwine choreography, curated, site-specific environments, costumes and production design to create a memorable experience far exceeding the common confines of performance and theater.

Adam Castaneda says that the company has in the last year-and-a-half made efforts to become more aware and progressive in direction. With the current realities that we are facing everyday, it is more and more that organizations are taking a stance and tackling more political and sensitive topics.

There is a need for dance that pushes the envelope and engages the audience in a different way,” says Castaneda. “I’ve always felt that dance is such a powerful emotional vessel.” 

Twenty-Five is being performed from Feb. 1-3 at Matchbox One (2400 Main Street). Tickets are $20.