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The Fatal Flying Guilloteens: A Two Sided Blade of The Absurd and Sublime
May 24, 2012 – 10:31 pm | No Comment

A brief analysis of the band’s live performance, with footnotes.

By Brian Foster Wallace
Two live recordings exist of Houston, TX, math blues glue-sniffers Fatal Flying Guilloteens that encapsulate the raucous five-piece fuck up’s shows rather …

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Music FFW – The Free Press Preview for May 24 – 30, 2012
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Featured The Fatal Flying Guilloteens: A Two Sided Blade of The Absurd and Sublime
FPSF The Fatal Flying Guilloteens: A Two Sided Blade of The Absurd and Sublime
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FFW – The Free Press Preview for May 24 – 30, 2012

Submitted by RamonLP4 on May 24, 2012 – 12:01 amNo Comment

This Week’s Featured Show


Sunday, May 27

Brave New Waves #001

Michelle Yom
Astr0g3nic Hallucinauting
Brent Fariss

@ 14 Pews (7pm)

When most people think of Houston, they usually think of rap but it is also the home of a thriving experimental, avant garde community.  Our city is home to Nameless Sound (scroll down to Wednesday to see what they have this week), the well respected magazine Signal To Noise, and it already hosts two music series - the monthly Binarium Series at 14 pews and the weekly They, Who Sound at Avant Garden.  Now we are happy to announce that there is a new series making its debut this week with an emphasis on electronic music.

Most of you will know those performing tonight - Cyclea (Johnathan Jindra),   Astr0g3nic Hallucinauting’s Spike the Percussionist and Michelle Yom (who also perform together as Doggebi), and Austin’s Brent Fariss.  Many of you though will not be familiar with the work of John Chowning whose music will be featured but he is someone whose importance in electronic music is can’t be understated.  If you want to geek out, here is an intersting interview with Chowning discussing the origins of FM Synthesis and another video of “Turenas” which will be performed this evening..

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Thursday, May 24

Buxton, The Tontons @ Discovery Green - Wow, who is booking at Discovery Green?  This is a great line up of local talent!

Ty Segall, White Fence, Useless Eaters, Mikey & The Drags @ Walter’s -If you dig that groovy low-fi garagey rock and roll Segall is your man.  Here he is a little more of a chill John Lennon mode…

YouTube Preview Image

k.d. lang, Jane Siberry @ Bayou Music Center (formerly Verizon Wireless Theater) - The great KD Lang returns.  I hope I don’t need to make an introduction here.

Project Next feat. Jack Freeman, The Niceguys, 220 Music, Ben Cina, D. Hayes @ House of Blues - Jack Freeman and The Niceguys aren’t just smoove dudes, they are also highly respected academics who teach a course in Rap Video 101


Father John Misty, Har Mar Superstar @ Fitzgerald’s - Fans of Fleet Foxes should know that Father John Misty is ex-drummer J. Tillman’s solo project.

Tiger & Woods, Henry Chow, Josh Dupont @ Fitzgerald’s - Given the recent deaths of Disco gods Robin Gibb and Donna Summer this past week, you likely couldn’t do better than electronic duo Tiger & Woods to help you dance away those Disco blues.

The Pinker Tones, Bombon DJs, Bang Bangz @ Mango’s - Ecclectic oddballs from Spain.  This video is pretty cute I gotta say.

YouTube Preview Image

Floorbound, Potbelly, The Trimms, Satellite Brigade, Cauterize the Soul @ Numbers - Floorbound sounds like one of those dime a dozen generic Buzz bands.  If that’s your thing, then have at it.

Owen Temple, Adam Carroll @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck -A folkie from Austin, No way.  Couldn’t have seen that comin’.

URN®, Epic Death, Sculpting Atrocity, Agony Within @ Abbey’s Pub (Katy) -Ummm, A Chicago metal band that really Really REALLY wants you to know that they have a registered trademark on their name.  I guess when your name is so generic you gotta do something to make it stand out.

Dancin’ in the Street: Motown & More Revue @ Miller Outdoor Theatre (Thursday May 24 - Sunday, May 27 ) - Motown, STAX, Atlantic, Philadelphia International, Duke and Peacock… you get the idea.


Friday, May 25

Poor Pilate, Knights Of The Fire Kingdom, We Were Wolves, Co-Pilot @ Fitzgerald’s - For those of you expecting American Sharks on this bill, they bailed at the last minute and Poor Pilate (who we will be featuring in the July issue) kindly stepped in for them.

The Bright Light Social Hour, The 71′s, Electric Attitude @ Warehouse Live (Studio) - Austin rock band. not bad. not good. just kind of OK, ya know.

Lazer Cuntzz, Love Horse, Pinky Leader and In Loom @ Notsuoh - Last minute addition via Hand Up Houston.  Now you know too.

Rammstein @ Toyota Center -Musically I find this band more cartoonish than anything but I gotta give them their props - they put on a crazy ass show and they haven’t lost any original members in the nearly 20 years they’ve been around.

David Ramirez, Matthew Mayfield, Tyagaraja @ Warehouse Live (Green Room) -Austin Folkie David Ramirez has this amusing thing he does while he is on the road.  He asks fans to request songs for him to play which includes covers.  Of course, some sick bastard out there had to request Justin Beiber… so wrong, so so wrong.

March To The Sea, excuseMesir, Grey Hours, Fox and Cats, The Boulevard Nights @ Mango’s ($7) -Newish local indie rockers with a few tracks on Soundcloud.  Could be promising.

Bad Manners @ House of Blues - English Two Tone Ska dudes that go way back.  How Far back?  Well, this grass skirt, Tops of Pops clip should give you an idea.

Los Nahuatlatos, Nick Gaitan & The Umbrella Man, Little Joe Washington @ The Continental Club -San Antonio Tex-Mex ensemble, Plus Mr. Gaitan and Mr. Washington for added awesomeness.

Valise, The Blackout Heist, El Centro, The Big Reveal @ The Mink - Dallas indie rock

Vertigo Blue, Morgue City @ Dean’s Credit Clothing -Not a fan of Vertigo Blue but the dark lords of the Noize Temple opens and that is good enough for me.

Broken Arrows, Sideshow Tragedy, Red 100′s @ Rudyard’s - Dunno who Broken Arrows is but Austin’s Sideshow Tragedy do a nice garagey bluesy guitar/drums thing

Limpopo @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck -If you are familiar with the Red Elvises, then Limpopo should be quite familiar to you as  Igor Yuzov and Oleg Bernov were former members of this long running Russian comedy/folk group.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a good copy of their Kit Kat commercial on line.

Charlie Wilson @ Arena Theater - Charlie Wilson will indeed “Drop The Bomb” on you.

Dale Watson @ Blanco’s Bar & Grill - The critically acclaimed Texas country troubadour returns.

Greg Laswell @ Dosey Doe Coffee Company (The Woodlands) -California idie styled pop is not the first thing I think of when I think of the Dosey Doe but OK.

hed PE, Mushroomhead, American Head Charge @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake) - 90’s era rap rockers

Tiempo Libre @ Jones Hall (Friday May 25 - Sunday May 27 )- Latin Jazz and Son group from Cuba whose member now call Miami home.

Saturday, May 26

Balaclavas, The Young, sIngs @ Walter’s (1120 Naylor) - Balaclavas easily has to be one of the most unique sounds in Houston and the ever adventurous sIngs never fails to disappoint.

Peloton, Project Grimm, Muhammad Ali @ Lee & Joe Jamail Skatepark (7PM; free!) - Rock  and Skate, what more beautiful a combination could you imagine than that for a Saturday evening?

29-95.com False Idols Tribute to the Velvet Underground with Muhammad Ali, & Future Blondes (as Lou Reed, VU, etc.) @ The Continental Club - Two shows in one day for MuhammadAli?  Those dudes is crazy!

Plants and Animals, Vestibule @ Fitzgerald’s - I’m on a video posting frenzy this week.  Here is a new silly one from Canadian dudes Plants and Animals.

YouTube Preview Image

Slim Thug, Future @ Arena Theater -OK I just have to say it because it always annoys the hell out of me… Back when he released Boss Of All Bosses a few years back…OK that title track is bad-ass tune… Right?  Totally Awesome!  But then, three tracks in, he does that Flock of Seagulls thing? I Ran?  Really Slim?  I still scratch my head and wonder what the hell he and everyone else involved could possibly have been thinking. That’s A’ght even a misstep that cringe worthy can’t tarnish Stayve Jerome Thomas’ overall Bossness.

Super Happy Fun Land Summerfest Stage Benefit Show, featuring Poopy Lungstuffing, Black Leather Jesus, Future Blondes, Rusted Shut, Muzak John, The Grass Skirts, Darwin’s Finches, Clockpole, Jody Seabody and the Whirls, The Escatones, & Demonic Hen @ Super Happy Fun Land- Benefit show for their DIY stage at Summerfest.  I hear it’s gonna be like some kind of heavily armored, Transformers-like stage that will go out and crush all the other stages. No dude it’s true!!!!

Black Cobra, Gaza, Lord Dying @ Rudyard’s - If heavy is what you crave, this show will deliver.

Space City Beat Battle Episode VI: Empire Strikes Back, featuring Jett I. Masstyr, Black Rose, DJ Arsnik, DJ iPod Ammo, & a ton of producers & rappers @ Fitzgerald’s - OK, I’ll let the title slide as long as someone doesn’t dress up as Han solo and start dancing.

The Robert Cray Band @ House of Blues - While I have respect for Robert Cray, something about his blues never quite hit home for me; something about his stuff just struck me as sterile and too meticulous for it own good but obviously, there are many others who disagree.

Texas Johnny Boy @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck - More  blues, yo.

Hub City Stompers, Conflikto, The Dead Rabbits, Los Gritos, Fuska, Always Guilty, The Freakouts, & DJ Simmer Down @ Mango’s - New Jersey Ska

Fresh Music Festival, featuring Keith Sweat, Doug E Fresh, Guy, SVW, K-Ci, & JoJo @ Reliant Arena - OH man I just got sucked into listening to a bunch of Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick tracks.  Two words for all you rappers out there, ”More Beatboxing!”

Nerd Wars 2012, featuring Bro-Bot, Richie Branson, The Whackiness Patrol, Dirk Strangely @ Numbers - Paper Mario was a pretty cool game… Just sayin’.   Ahem anyhow fans of Nerdcore should be ecstatic as you’ll have rappers singing about Gundams and other dudes will be all 8-bitting it up.

Down, Haarp @ Warehouse Live - Long running Louisiana Rock band with Pantera’s Phil Anselmo.

Albert Fix @ Jet Lounge - A Houston Press nominee for best DJ last year

Sunday, May 27

The Cry!, Something Fierce, The Wrong Ones @ Rudyard’s - Poppy 70’s Garage Rock awesomeness in spades -  The Cry from Portland and our own Something Fierce!  Bonus, maybe there will be more Wrong Ones inspired fisticuffs.

Gucci Mane @ Warehouse Live - OK Radric, I know you like Ice Cream but that face tatoo… ummmm how do I put this… ummm….      NO!     FAIL!

The Hunger, Elysian, An Ivy League Summer @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake) - You know the movie that starts with Bauhaus that has vampires?  Where after the first ten minutes or so after David Bowie dies, the rest of the movie kind of sucks?  Yeah, that movie.  This band is kind of like that latter part of that movie.

Monday, May 28

They, Who Sound featuring Kyle Evans and Dove/Roman-Roberto/Smith @ Avant Garden - This week’s TWS features a de/Rastra Oscillographic Synthesizer and Computer Interface.  If that sounds like gobbeldygook to you perhaps this video fo Mr. Evans will clarify it a bit better.   The only word that comes to my mind is NEAT!!!!!!


800 Mile Monday @ Super Happy Fun Land - Whoah Whoa Whoah… WTF!!!  OK see if somethign is wrong with this sentence from 800MM’s Bio.  “In between his friendly smiles and down-home West Texas “hi you all,” Payne howls and mourns his savage tales of betrayal, spurned lovers, and low down losers.”  Did you catch that.  you all?”  Seriously, who in Texas says “you all for third person plural?” It’s “Y’all,” Fool! Don’t make me drive to SHFL and slap you upside the head!

Memorial Day Celebration, featuring Dave Dolla$ign, Roosh, Don Linen, & more @ Fitzgerald’s - whoop whoop it’s Memorial Day.

Tuesday, May 29

Pierced Arrows, Don’t, Exterminating Angels, The Wrong Ones @ Dean’s Credit Clothing - Long time rock and roller Fred Cole returns with Pierced Arrows (his follow up band to the acclaimed Dead Moon).  The dude puts on a killer show, so don’t miss out.

Patricia Vonne, Rosie Flores @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck - You may have caught Austin based singer Patricial Vonne playing bit parts in her brother Richard Rodriguez’s Desperado or Spy Kinds.

Chickenfoot, Black Stone Cherry @ Bayou Music Center (formerly Verizon Wireless Theater) - No I didn’t care for Sammy Hagar in Van Halen but I got a lot of respect for the dude.  He’s an underrated guitar player, has actually written some good rockin’ tunes, and the dude is really cool with his fans. So, even though Chickenfoot is an awful name and his stint in Van Halen is best forgotten, Sammy’s alright with me and plus Michael Anthony is on the four-string.

Wednesday, May 30

Shadows Fall, Trumpet the Harlot, Howitzer, Carry the Storm, Carrion Sun @ Warehouse Live (Studio) - Metal band with bad dreads.  Well, I guess it’s better than bad hair metal hair….maybe not.

Pre-Chaos In Tejas Show, featuring Warrior Kids, Hoax, Forward, Wild, , Tribe, Bi-Marks, Back to Back, & Secre Prostitutes @ Walter’s (1120 Naylor; $10) - A little taste of the weekend’s upcoming Austin festival

Nameless Sound, featuring John Butcher, Thomas Lehn, & Gino Robair with the Nameless Sound Ensemble @ Studio 101 at Spring Street Studios (1824 Spring) -Nameless Sound brings another great night of avant garde music.  Sax (Butcher), Analog Synths (Lehn), and Percussion (Robair) get the spotlight but the Nameless Sound Ensemble will also perform.  This is a good time to highlight this little short featuring Gino Robair messing around in someone’s kitchen with an E-Bow. Pretty fun and neat stuff.

YouTube Preview Image

Unknown Hinson @ Fitzgerald’s- Adutl Swim Fans will likely know Stuart Daniel Baker as the voice of Early Cuyler on Squidbillies.

The Lumineers, Gregory Alan Isakov @ Fitzgerald’s - Charming rootsy trio.  Here is a short and sweet one

Ghost Wolves @ Under the Volcano - Good garage bands make it look so easy, don’t they?  Austin’s Ghost Wolves is a good example of how just soundinglow-fi and playing vintage gear won’t do you a lick of good if your tunes kinda suck.  Sorry guys, back to the drawing board.

Eve 6 @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake) - Wow, maybe it’s because I’ve been working for hours on this preview but I just tried to watch an Eve 6 video for this song called “Victoria” and it was so awful and contemptible and idiotic that I now hate the very idea of music!


This Week’s In-Stores

Saturday, May 26 @ Cactus - Nick Gaitan & The Umbrella Man (3PM)

Saturday, May 26 @ Heights Vinyl - Heights Vinyl In-Store Performance Series, featuring Satellite Brigade @ Heights Vinyl (free!)

This Week’s Release Shows

Sunday, May 27 – Milton Hopkins & Jewel Brown (CD release) @ The Continental Club

–For even more listings check out Space City Rock - Houston’s best local calendar–

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