Mayor for Life Chris Hutto’s abdication in January has left Montrose’s economy on the verge of a collapse. Poverty is so widespread that grown men have been seen walking the streets in nothing but leather vests, jock straps and boots — apparently unable to afford even a shirt or pair of pants.

The ongoing economic uncertainty has prompted a new contender to enter the battle royal for leadership. Drag performer Ms. Mykie Dacus has proclaimed herself to be a representative of the “rightful queens of Montrose.”

“We were deposed by the usurper Hutto, but our long-awaited return from exile has arrived,” Dacus said. “We will reclaim power and slay and slay and slay.”

Dacus issued the statement after she, and a handful of supporters, stormed Catbirds — Hutto’s throne room. Although Dacus did not specify the queens’ plan to stabilize Montrose’s economy, the sect’s followers were markedly nonchalant about any impending fiscal problems.

“Ms. Mykie is an amazingly talented and beautiful woman, she’ll be perfect for this,” Micah Youngblood said. Some observers view the queens’ reemergence on Westheimer — after spending years on the Pacific Street Gay Reservation — as indicative of the Huttite’s waning power and a response to Montrose’s budgetary woes.

Continuing financial anxiety has led to long lines for crawfish, a vital part of Montrosians’ seasonal menus, and increasing costs for Lone Star, with the dietary staple fetching $4 per bottle at some places.

It is not only in Montrose’s monetary policy that the lack of mayoral authority exerts itself; without a central government, some pockets of the neighborhood face decreased access to crucial resources.

“I went to Rudyard’s for a burger, but the kitchen was closed for lunch and I couldn’t bring my dog on the patio,” Merida Weidner said. “When will this nightmare end?”

With shortages of essential items, like cheap beer, and a limited availability of others, like good veggie burgers, and the mayoral election not until March 6, the question has become whether or not Montrose will survive without some form of leadership.