Ke$ha was in town Tuesday at Cynthia Woods in the Woodlands. She had to fill the stage up large oppose to running around silly at House of Blues. Her stage decor resembled Gaga’s “Monster Ball” with large structures of metal with musicians performing on them. While Gaga’s performance had hard working choreographed dance work Ke$ha had two long haired drunk guys dancing along beside her who probably created their own dance moves. It would be safe bet to say that they were probably her friends having a simple good time and an excuse to go on tour with America’s favorite sleaze heart.

Ke$ha’s set propelled through her classic songs “Blah” “Blow” and “Cannibal”. Her semi theatrical show was quite entertaining as she ate a man who was sacrificed on a cross. Blood dripped down her jaw through out the show while glitter bombs shot over the audience as if it were a 21 gun salute for a dead soldier.

Max Bernstein, who plays guitar for the Ke$h also played in The Actual (Eyeball Records) ramped the edge of the stage sporting a gnarly, but deadly mullet. He seems to be the only one a part of the show that knows a thing or two about being a true musician. While Ke$ha played a chord or two the rest of the show was 80% prerecorded.

Overall it was well enjoyed. Cheap mindless pop music that is an easy buck for the industry. I’d say the only idiots there were the girls who were buying Spirit Hoods for $175 when they could get them online for $50. Like I said, cheap mindless pop music that is an easy buck for the industry.