Kam Franklin of The Suffers shows us a different side of herself with the single “Change (In the House of Flies)” from her forthcoming solo EP.

“Change,” as it is often abbreviated, should be familiar to many of you. Written and performed by The Deftones, the song was a radio hit in the early 2000s. It’s a slithering nu metal classic that solidified the band’s fame.

Franklin’s “Change” is electronic, though it retains the creepiness of the original.

The music is all atmosphere. Guitar chords shimmer like moonlight reflected in the window of an abandoned house, and a plunking bass-guitar interlude goes bump in the night. Throughout the entire song, the programmed beat morphs subtly, which is perhaps a nod to the metamorphosis that the title indicates and the lyrics describe: “I watched you change into a fly,” goes the opening line.

Speaking of metamorphosis: Kam Franklin. We know her as a bodacious soul-funk goddess who radiates atomic quantities of passion. Her excitement is contagious. But on “Change,” a river of darkness flows from Franklin. Well, it’s more like a trickling creek of darkness. Or maybe it’s an oozing stream of molten darkness. In other words, Franklin slows the tempo.

The electronics lull the listener into a trance in which you become the river, or creek, or stream, or whatever moving body of liquid you prefer. And Franklin is no longer the incandescent performer we know her to be. Now, she is a conduit for the eerie — a passing shadow in a crypt.

On “Change,” her voice, normally rich and thick, is misty. It never becomes material, but hovers a few inches above ground.

Everyone’s familiar with Kam Franklin’s prodigious vocal range, but with “Change” and, I’m sure, with her solo EP, she will show that her range as an artist, not just as a singer, extends well beyond The Suffers.

The Suffers will be playing a benefit show tonight for Harvey victims. For more information, please go here.