Los Angeles-based hip hop trio Injury Reserve are gearing up to release their upcoming EP, Drive It Like It’s Stolen, this Friday. DILIS will be their third project, following their 2016 LP, Floss, which included bangers like “Oh Shit!!!,” “All This Money” and jazzier cuts like “S on Ya Chest.” Previous to that was their debut album, Live from The Dentist Office, which had a much more laid back tone throughout the project, not really like “Floss.” Despite the two albums having a change in tone, Injury Reserve seemed to capture the same vibe on both projects.

MC Ritchie with a T brings bars that were playful and well thought out, while on the other hand Steppa J. Groggs, the group’s other MC, brings his smooth voice, delivery, and, at times, extremely clever wordplay. The group’s producer, Parker Corey, is one of many talents, bringing melodic, jazzy, yet hard-hitting beats to the table.

The group brought back all of their strengths and then some for the two singles they dropped a few weeks back promoting this upcoming EP. During my first listen to the first track, “North Pole,” I found myself thinking “Wow! This sounds like TTKTV (track off of their debut) part two.” But the more I listened to it, the more I had realized how much of a good stand alone track it was. Groggs and Ritchie both deliver heartfelt lyrics accompanied with vocals and chorus from Frank Ocean collaborator, Austin Feinstein. The slow, spacey track sits at a strong 4:21, and it’s worth every second.

The second track titled, “See You Sweat,” is the polar opposite of “North Pole.” Ritchie’s killer hook and verse followed by a seemingly effortless verse from Groggs sound like the summer banger that we never got. The braggadocios track features a nasty drum beat accompanied by the upwards whirring of a police siren with an occasional water drop here and there.

After dropping two tracks, the group claims that this is their “most cerebral and intimate record to date.” Injury Reserve, I’m going to hold you to that. In short, I’m very much looking forward to this project. 

“Drive It Like It’s Stolen” drops Sept. 29.