Wasting away in purple-drank-ville? Maybe margarita is a better choice after all. . .

Last night we had the Besnard Lakes play here with the up and coming band of Wayne Coyne’s nephew (who also played on the Lips’ cover album of Dark Side of the Moon) Star Death and White Dwarfs. I wasn’t there because I’m out of state right now but for those of you who got to go: I seriously fucking hate you. Star Death’s latest album, The Birth, came out last May and if you like the music of the Flaming Lips, I’d definitely recommend it.

Tonight, Drake will be rapping at the Verizon Center and the legendary Jimmy Buffet will be knocking back margaritas and performing at the Cynthia Woods Pavilion. Maybe he’ll have some purple drank instead of Tequila in honor of his H-town performance. Maybe he’d try it if we put a little salt on the rim. Mango’s Cafe will see The Most Serene play alongside Annuals who I’ve watched open for Minus the Bear; they are mentally stimulating indie rock incorporating many cool instruments like lap steel guitar.

Droll, sophisticated, piano-driven, band Everyone was in the French Resistance…Now will be gracing Mano’s Cafe on Friday night. That night there will also be CD release party at Walter’s on Washington for catchy, local, indie band, the Wild Moccasins; they will be joined by Roky Moon/Bolt and Giant Princess.

Another band I’m supremely pissed that I’ll be missing are noise-rockers Woven Bones who, to my ears, play a poppier, more accessible, version of the Jesus and Mary Chain. Jody Seabody and the Whirls will be coming to Super Happy Fun Land that night too and I’ve met them all in person and listened to their music and must say that I approve. The songs are slightly trippy but never meander. Go support them unless you want to go watch the ridiculous, rapping, scene kid, drag-queen-from-hell, Jeffree Starr at The Warsaw. I think I’d have to recommend the former.

–By Jack Betz