Thank you for considering to exhibit your artwork at the Free Press Summer Fest at Eleanor Tinsley Park Houston, TX. With each inquiry, please include your name and email address. Proposals for 2012 may be sent to and will be reviewed until May 15, 2012. If your proposal is accepted, a FPSF staff member will work with you on placement and logistics.

Please keep in mind that attendance of the festival reached over 60,000 in 2011. Thus, it is important to only show work that is sturdy and safe for a high traffic environment. Additionally, it may be helpful to spend time at the festival with your piece and help guide patrons to interact with your piece properly. Artists must self-install their work or help supervise the installation process if necessary.

Proposals should include information on how you intend to install your work and whether you need additional support of equipment or people for the installation. Artwork must be installed no earlier than Thursday May 31st and no later than 11 A.M. Saturday June 2nd. Artwork must be taken down by the end of the day on Monday June 4th. Proposals are open but may fall into one of these categories.

Banner Submission:

A series of paintings and banners will be flagged across the festival at street level and along the perimeter fences. Unprimed canvas is ideal because of its flexibility. Canvas may be requested or you may ask to donate a canvas that you have already finished. If you would like to donate a banner please have grommets placed along the perimeter to prepare it for installation.

Site specific Installation Submission:

If you have or would like to create a large scale or interactive work for the festival please include information about the sculpture’s size. Include all the equipment needed to install and if the sculpture needs electricity. Consider whether it is better for a high traffic area or a more secluded area.

Event Submissions:

Events submissions have ranged from organized classes, workshops and performances. Please give a brief description about what you would like to do, the number of people that will participate in the event, education and/or professional experience, and if you have any thoughts about the specifics of where and when you would like the event to take place.

Art Department volunteers are needed to lead workshops and to help guide people on how to interact with art work. Please note: All volunteers are required to cover at least one shift per day and be 17+ years of age by the time of the festival.

Please email for more information on volunteering for the art department.