Nobody ever says they’re moving to Houston to start a music career. In truth, getting out of Houston seems to be the hard part for a lot of musicians. While our local EDM scene has stayed steady with ups and downs, it’s no secret that young men and women are hungry for a taste of success. Sometimes they find it here, and sometimes they find it in another city. That being said, it’s nice when they actually do find it here.

In my first article ever (there are more soon to come), I’m going to introduce you to one of my favorite EDM artists as of late. I’d like y’all to give a warm welcome to Michael Swank, AKA M.E. SWANK, who was previously the lead singer of Myka Relocate. I’ve known Michael for about two years now and watched him DJ at long-running EDM weekly’s like White Girl Wasted Wednesday (WGWW) and bigger clubs like Capitol Bar and Stereo Live.

At first glance, you wouldn’t expect such a humble and friendly young man, known for antics like rocking a t-shirt with penis-shaped lipstick on it, to go from being the lead singer in a post-hardcore band with a handful of tracks reaching over a million to becoming a DJ and EDM producer. But I think Swank has something to say, regardless of the genre he’s creating music in. 

His music is good, and I don’t mean that like some supportive peer — I mean it’s GOOD. When he dropped his single “Ransom” eight months ago, you couldn’t go to a show without hearing it at least twice. Every DJ, including myself, played this electronic trap banger that had no remorse for its listeners in the crowd. I think Swank hasn’t even touched his potential yet. I can’t really say I’ve paid close attention to his career until recently. It’s hard to in Houston — there’s a lot of talent — and not a lot of outlets for success. That being so, I have to give some props to my industry DAY 1 Cody Riggs who signed with Swank as his manager a little over a year ago.

Cody hasn’t been a manager for very long, but with the way Swank has taken off this past year, it’s clear he really knows what he’s doing. I really believe this team is going somewhere, and the proof is in the pudding with Swanks’ latest booking: You’ll see M.E. SWANK playing the main stage at Finding Euphoria later this year. I have to say, I didn’t think Cody’s punny marketing would work, but after seeing how active Swank’s artist Facebook group called “The Swank Bank” is… Well, I stand corrected.

Although Swank’s career has just begun, his impressive first drops indicate it’s highly likely his upward trajectory will continue unabated.

I cant wait to do a follow-up article on where he is a year from now.