Music is a sole job for most. In fact, many have given up something else to pursue music. Action Bronson is not included in that statistic. With a show, “Fuck, that’s Delicious,” a cookbook with the same name, another show, “Hungry Hearts” on Viceland, and a new album, Blue Chips 7000, Bronson simply can’t be held down. Ahead of his show at Warehouse Live on Friday, Oct. 6, FPH spoke to Bronson about Chicago, sausage, and the next wave of hip-hop.

Free Press Houston: So I saw you a few weeks ago at Riot Fest in Chicago. I thought it was cool that the organizers also had a few rappers like yourself, Vic Mensa, and M.I.A. in addition to the traditional punk and hard rock bands that the festival is known for. Did you stay around and catch Nine Inch Nails that night?

Action Bronson: No, but who the fuck did I meet in the dressing room? Oh, Ministry. [Al Jourgensen] was next level, he came over to see us and, apparently, right after I left he took Trent Reznor to come see me. I was fucking pissed that I didn’t get to meet him. It was really fucking psych. But those dudes are mad cool; smoking hash, drinking wine, enjoying life.

FPH: Well speaking of wine and enjoying life, Chicago is known for food and most know that you started off as a chef. Do you get invites to cook — or even dine — at those fancy or unique restaurants when you’re in a city? Basically, do you ever pay for a meal when you’re on the road?

Bronson: Yeah, of course. I have a lot of friends in Chicago, and they have some great restaurants. I mean, I get invited to places and there are always places that I want to try. But honestly, I’m good with just having a fucking Chicago dog — it’s my favorite type.

Action Bronson at Soundset 2012. Photo: acityinthemidwest

FPH: My friend and I were wanting to try the Wiener’s Circle but the timing just didn’t work for that.

Bronson: The Wiener’s circle, they got a sausage like you wouldn’t fucking believe.

FPH: But I hear that they’re pretty tame during the day and that they really don’t start insulting until night.

Bronson: They also have a worker, Poochie, that goes crazy in there. Oh, she goes nuts. Have you ever had the chocolate shake from Poochie?

FPH: I’m afraid to say I haven’t.

Bronson: The “chocolate shake” is when she lifts her shirt up and starts wiggling her tits around. You’ve never seen that? She does that. Tourists come through and ask for the chocolate shake. All of the workers lift their shirts up and start shaking. It’s Incredible.

FPH: I also hear that they also don’t have forks or something, and their cheese fries are super cheesy.

Bronson: Oh, I don’t think they have any utensils. But it’s an incredible experience. You know, if you’re with someone, they just start getting on you immediately. You have to have some thick skin. If you do, then you just laugh your ass off. And they got good sausage.

FPH: Yeah?

Bronson: How do you not know that they have good sausage there?

FPH: We wanted to make it but it was just a bit too far from where we were staying.

Bronson: You’re kidding me, right? They got the polish — the fucking polish sausage with the mustard. Uh. Come on. Uh.

FPH: How refreshing is it to you to see people like Sean Evans from “Hot Ones” doing what they’re doing?

Bronson: I mean, to be a trailblazer is a trill thing. There wasn’t many people also doing the food thing in music. Now everyone is doing it. It’s kind of become a fad, almost, which is kind of annoying. Sean Evans is a good host. The “Hot Ones” show is fire, and we just did an episode of “Sean in the Wild,” which was hosted by Mario Batali. Me and him a sandwich-off. I made some crazy shit from the cookbook and he made some shit out of his mind. I helped. It’s a good friendship, I like him a lot. He’s a nice dude. I would say I was the first one combining the music and food and trying to take it to a new level. I have a background with that kind of stuff. It’s not me just trying, reaching, you know? Now I think it has become a thing.

Action Bronson performing live at the Governors Ball Music Festival on June 8, 2016. Photo: Jordan Uhl

FPH: I feel like you are one of the modern influential rappers that talk shows like to have on, along with people like Killer Mike, Chance the Rapper, and others. So I want to get your opinion on a few rappers/groups and see if you think they have the potential to be the next “big” thing. Do you think any of that British grime stuff will really break out here in the US? I mean, when they play festivals in the UK, they’re pretty much top-tier, but here in the US, or at least TX, they are like row five or six.

Bronson: I think that Stormzy and Skepta have their pockets of fans in the US. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen them in New York, but those shows get shut down. They kill shows. Thousands of people come out to those. I think those two crossed over; they have fans here and they have fans there. But I don’t see that taking over, no. I still think that — as an American growing up I always thought it was weird seeing someone else rap, you know? Like, hearing a French guy rap, turn that shit off. I feel like nowadays it’s much more eclectic in the rap game — everyone is around and it’s a beautiful thing. But in general, I feel like it’s not going to be the new fucking sound of everyone’s hip-hop.

FPH: What about the very intense stuff like Death Grips? With the rise of noisier stuff like trap do you think they could lead the next wave of sounds in hip-hop?

Bronson: Let me be fucking honest, man. I don’t know shit. I can only predict football games, basketball games, and baseball games. I can’t tell you what the next thing in hip-hop is going to be. I’m stuck in my mind, and I don’t give a shit. I like it all, but I don’t give a fuck. I was watching the Yankee’s game yesterday, that’s all I really care about. The Jets are 2-2 right now, that’s all I give a shit about. I listen to sports radio all day. You think I give a flying fuck about that shit you’re saying right now?

FPH: You’re in Houston on Friday, you have Blue Chips 7000, the cookbook, the cooking show, and the dating show. Really what is next for Action Bronson?

Bronson: I’m taking a live talk show. Well, not a “live” show, but it will be on four days a week, taped live. It’s going to be crazy shit, man. But I can be like “clear that joke, clear that joke.”