Alex Czetwertynski, visual art curator for Day for Night, was recently featured in a Houston Public Media video where the curator spoke at length about some of the exciting art installations planned for this year’s Day for Night, which includes work from renowned computational artists Ryoji IkedaMatthew Schreiber, and Sam Cannon, as well as recent improvements made to the festival’s venue, Post HTX.

“A lot of the artists that come to Day for Night consider light as a material. It’s sculptable, it’s malleable, it can hold shapes, it can create movements,” says Czetwertynski in the video. “We give a lot of place to light-driven pieces because it can essentially transform space. You can walk into a space and be surrounded by light that almost feels tangible even though it’s completely immaterial and creates environments that are both sculptural but also Kinetic.”

In the video Czetwertynski discusses the piece NYC-based visual artist Matthew Schreiber will present at this year’s festival. Schreiber, who has studied art as well as physics and has a long history of working with light, is creating an installation at the festival composed of individual laser beams that he is putting together in the form of a suspended sculpture. Day for Night guests will have the opportunity to walk through and engage with the sculpture.

Also discussed in the video is the work of NYC-based artist Sam Cannon, who will be creating a large outdoor projection at this year’s festival. Cannon’s work often focuses on the image of the female body and how it is perceived online.

“It happens to be extremely contemporary in terms of the political climate and the cultural climate that we have today,” notes Czetwertynski in the video. “Having a female artist make an interesting, pointed commentary about that is something we are excited to have.”

Passes are still are still being sold for this year’s festival, but space is running out fast. 

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