By Maxwell Morgan

Leading into this weeks home game versus the Tennessee Titans, the Texans cruised to a first ever 3-0 record and have looked to be the best team in the NFL. This week proved to be no different as the Texans crushed their opposition once again. The Tennessee Titans have arguably been one of our biggest rivals, as they are the zombie rendition of our once beloved Houston Oilers. They even have a zombie version of our former owner, Bud Adams. Maybe thats unfair, Adams is still alive, barely.

Many of us have fond childhood memories watching the Oilers in their beautiful powder blue jerseys garnished with that lovely oil derrick logo. My first encounters with the NFL were through the Oilers, and I was fortunate enough to experience a couple games in our beloved Astrodome. But in 1995 they left us, abandoned their city, and good riddance.

The spOilers, as many here affectionately remember them, changed their name to the Tennessee Titans after settling in Nashville, and enjoyed a period of some success. They reached a Super Bowl (only to lose by a yard to the Rams), and had a few playoff seasons sprinkled here and there. Every time they would blow it. Just like Houston grew accustomed to over the years.

Throughout some extremely tough Texans seasons, there have always been a large contingency of Titans fans at the games here in Houston. Traitors, who “followed the team to Nashville”. This year was completely different, as baby blue was scarce inside Reliant Stadium. Maybe Titans fans smelled defeat in the air this year?

Either way, the Titans fans were nowhere to be found, and Houston couldn’t have been happier as the Texans cruised to a 38-14 victory. The offense sputtered at times, particularly in the first half. And as this seasons precedent proved, the defense stepped up and took the game away from our opponent. DB Glover Quin obliterated Tennessee’s starting QB Jake Locker on their second possession and knocked him out of the game. Danieal Manning and Kareem Jackson both got interception returns for a TD. (a first for both!) And, of course, JJ Watt once again proved crucial, recovering a fumble and recording two sacks. Fans were uncomfortable for a moment at halftime with a mere 14-7 lead, but from that point on, the Titans were toast. Sucks to be a Titans fan. Great to be a Texans fan!

Next week: @ NY Jets on Monday Night Football

The Texans are 4-0 and looking top notch as they take their talents to NYNY for the big stage on Monday Night Football. The Jets look awful, and may have a quarterback controversy brewing, so we may see Tim Tebow start at QB for New York. I can’t believe this guy keeps getting chances to play. He’s awful. THE WORST. I really cannot believe grown men buy his “Ra-Ra” garbage. Oh well, less trouble for us (barring a miracle… shit, he does have God on his side…). Even still, I look for us to dominate once again and reach 5-0.