For The Sake of the Song will unwind Tuesday night at the River Oaks Theater. The movie explores the relation of the live music venue Anderson Fair to its neighborhood. For The Sake of the Song, directed by local filmmaker Bruce Bryant and produced by Bryant and Jim Barham, documents the many artists who’ve played there in addition to the workers and volunteers who’ve kept the club going for years.

A couple of things that really surprised me on seeing the film at its premiere last spring was how Anderson Fair was the original block party location in The Montrose, as well as the inspiring tale of musician Vince Bell. A talented singer-songwriter Bell was struck by a car in a freak accident that wiped out his memory and motor skills and literally had to re-learn not only how to play the guitar but also all of the songs he’s written.

The screening is a fundraiser to benefit SWAMP.

SWAMP was the fiscal sponsor of For the Sake of the Song: The Story of Anderson Fair.

From the SWAMP press release, “this film explores the significant role Anderson Fair has played in preserving an American musical tradition and how a devoted family of artists, volunteers, and patrons transformed a politically subversive little coffee house and restaurant into a unique American music institution.”

The event includes an after-party with confirmed guests, Bell, Don Sanders, Denice Franke, Bill Cade, and Shake Russell and members of the film crew.

Tickets can be obtained through SWAMP for $15 (call 713 522 8592) or $20 at the door.

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