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Thursday, September 15
They, Who Sound

Avin Fielder
@ Avant Garden

Fielder is one bad ass dude. The guys has played with The Pluma Davis Sextet ( that was the house band of ElDorado Ballroom) in Houston from ’54-’56, hit it with the the Sun Ra Arkerstra in Chicago from ’60-’61, has been a charter member of Chicago’s AACM since ’65, has been a co-leader of the New Orleans based Improvisational Arts Ensemble with Kidd Jordan since the early 70’s, had a founding role in Louie “Satchmo”Armstrong Jazz Camp in New Orleans (in which he is still involved), recorded for the legendary R&B label Duke back in the day, and the dude has a pharmacology degree to boot. Seriously, this guy’s resume is long and deep and this could go on and on so let me just turn it over to a vintage clip from YouTube.


Thursday, September 15

Twin Shadow, Diamond Rings @ Fitzgerald’s– Dominican Born Neo-New Wave 4AD artist George Lewis Jr gets to show you why Rolling Stone gave him props.

The Illegal Wiretaps, Darwin’s Finches, Only Beast @ Rudyard’s– Dudes who listen to a lot of Bauhaus headline after for Galveston’s finest.

Discovery Green Concert Series, featuring Gary Clark, Jr. & Chase Hamblin @ Discovery Green – Attention Gary Clark, dude that YouTube “Bright Lights Trailer” is really cornball. Have your PR person shot. That said, you all right and so is Chase.

Tinsley/Bloombox/Not A Typewriter @ Fitzgerald’s– Me thinks they be DJs

Pile/The Libra Soul @ Mango’s– Allston, MA indie rock should make for a good Thursday night.

Attic Ted/Muzak John/Thou Shalt Not Kill…Except/us/Organ Failure @ Super Happy Fun Land – The Austin Chronicle (link) called Attic Ted’s music as “a low-rent midway in an abandoned grocery store parking lot as seen through the eyes of someone who’s had a few too many whiffs of industrial-strength cleaning solvent.” I think you get the idea.

Carolina Chocolate Drops @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck – Folk band that came from three friends deciding that every Thursday they should go jam with this old fiddler dude who was in his 80’s. Needless to say, they don’t mess around when they say they kick it old school.

Return to Forever IV, featuring Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Lenny White, Jean-Luc Ponty, Frank Gambale, & Zappa Plays Zappa @ Verizon Wireless Theater – Fusion and Zappa fans take note.

Friday, September 16

Chromeo/Mayer Hawthorne @ House of Blues– Canada’s Electrofunk duo jokingly refer to themselves as “the only successful Arab/Jewish partnership since the dawn of human culture.” Maybe that’s what the middle east needs, kitschy dance music. 

Carla Bozulich, Lucas Gorham, Fiskadoro @ Super Happy Fun Land– Buzulich’s portfolio is long and deep. Geraldine Fibbers, Evangelista, and Scarnella ( a duo with Nels Cline) are some bands in her back catalog. played with Thurston Moore, Mike Watt, Marianne Faithful, and Marc Ribot. Hell, she’s even played with Willie Nelson!  

Featherface/Not In The Face/Bang Bangz/England in 1819 @ Fitzgerald’s – I’m not sure why they label themselves “experimental” indie rock , these guys have a lot of nice elements going on here that are pretty easy to swallow.

Jealous Creatures @ Avant Garden –Solid femme fronted indie rock with memebers of Japanic.

Los Skarnales, /Lower Life Form, Rockin’ Lloyd Trip, Conflikto @ Fitzgerald’s – Ska, Yo.

Lita Ford/Souls of Agony/Five Eyes Wide/Hounds of Jezibel @ Warehouse Live (Studio) –I always liked the idea of Lita Ford better than Lita Ford herself…her music I mean. I was more of a Joan Jett fan.

Nick 13 (mem. of Tiger Army)/Brett Detar (mem. of The Juliana Theory)/Picture Book @ The Continental Club – Tiger Army goes Country

A Fistful of Soul @nd Anniversary Party @ The Mink (front bar) – I think this is still happening. Right?

Sanctus Bellum, Las Cruces, All Dead Here @ The Mink – Again, I’m not sure if this is still happening but Metal stops for no man.

Orange Is In/Juke Joint Sandinistas @ Rudyard’s –Orange Is In errr… UP… upstairs that is .

Noel McKay/Brennen Leih @ Heights Live! Death metal at Heights Live. OK, just messin with ya – it’s singer songwriters. Psyc!

Bellamy Brothers @ Cypress Saloon (Cypress) – OK I’m not sure which is weirder, that these guys were considered country (I always thought they were all Yacht Rock) or that one of their biggest hits “Let Your Love Flow” was written by a Neil Diamond roadie.

Saturday, September 17

The Julys @Jet Lounge –If you want bright upbeat indie pop, the July’s are your band.

Squidbucket/Giant Battle Monster/Shopping for Death @ Super Happy Fun Land– Kind of like gypsy meets metal meets indie rock meets prog..Oh c’mon the band’s called squidbucket…what did you expect?

Daysailor/Forlorn Hope/AThousandColours @ Fitzgerald’s – Three Bands / Three Bucks dudes!

Lower Life Form/The Suffers @ Big Star Bar – Hip Hop guys with a Rasta Peter Griffin on their myspace player. I think that’s all you need to know. 

Trout Fishing In America (children’s show) @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck (1PM) – Folk for the kids.

Dismantled For Fashion: A Rockabilly Affair, featuring 13 Black Coffins, DJ Twinkle Toes, & Siouxsie Monroe @ Fitzgerald’s – Rockabilly and Fashion. Fashion and Rockabilly. It’s so obvious.

90.1 KPFT Deadbeat Ball, featuring The Leo Trio, MacAdams, The Hightailers, Brad Boyer & Country Store Buffalo, Jack Saunders, Matt Harlan, & Big Al Bettis @ Last Concert Cafe – A benefit for one of the last things worth a damn on the fucking Houston FM dial.

Dethkultur BBQ/BloodVoid/Bleeding by Example @ The Press Box (209 Jackson) – Wow, there is a name I haven’t heard since….well sometime last century.

Los Benders, Rockin’ Lloyd Tripp, Dem Damn Dames @ The Continental Club – Los Benders are from Monterrey Mexico which is a pretty fucked-up place right now but you wouldn’t know it from the awesome music.

Sunday, September 18

The Antlers, Yellow Ostrich @ Fitzgerald’s –Brooklyn indie rock in the house.

Goddamn Gallows, Hotrod Hillbillies @ The Continental Club– Someone explain to me what makes a band Gutterbilly. Google you have failed me!

Eddie Money @ Dosey Doe Coffee Company (The Woodlands) – Two Tickets To Paradise had the honor of being a Homer Simpson approved riff.

Monday, September 19

Agnostic Front, The Mongoloids, Naysayer, H.R.A. @ Fitzgerald’s – I just want to point out that NYC Hardcore band Agnostic Front (with the exception of a five year break) have been at if since 1980. You guys weren’t even born.

Muhammad Ali, Cop Warmth, Shakes @ Mango’s – Ali vs Cop Warmth? Tell me I’m not dreaming!

The Horrors, The Stepkids @ Fitzgerald’s – UK Postpunk, Shoegazers.. ya know… that kind of thing.

Tuesday, September 20

Boyce Avenue @ Fitzgerald’s – You asked for it and now you’ve got it – Ecuadorian-American acoustic rock.

Kip Winger @ House of Blues (Bronze Peacock Room) – Take someone you hate.

Wednesday, September 21

Glen Campbell @ Stafford Centre (Stafford) – I knew a guy who was all dissin’ on Glen Campbell. That guy was a total dick. Go rhinestone cowboy!

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