This Week’s Featured Show

Thursday, September 13
Mission Of Burma
The Gary
Black Congress
@ Fitzgerald’s

Can we all just take a moment and bask in the awesomeness that is the poster for this show. That’s OK. I know it’s pretty amazing. I saw it posted at a seedy biker bar where blood from beat downs was used to varnish the tables and the only thing on the menu outside of booze was raw meat. There in this bar I saw grown men who had lived far harder lives than most could even imagine, stop and weep. That is because there is a primal understanding among all true men and women – all the more so if they be from the great state of Texans – that Bum Phillips is no mere man but the embodiment of all that is Texas. You need look no further that that moral dilemma faced by carnivores when try to choose between Bum and the equally revered Earl Campbell who both have graced our super markets with excellent spicy sausage. In the end the choice is clear, a pack of each for as in ancient times, if you did not sacrifice unto the gods, your journey would be wrought with trials of unimaginable horror. So, the point is – THAT IS THE MOST FUCKING AWESOME FLYER YOU WILL SEE ALL YEAR! You may as well pack it in for the year cause it can’t get better than that and so Featured show? Hell to the yeah!

Plus the show itself is worthy of St. Bum. Mission of Burma who have been one of those classic indie band reunions that have proven to be more than just a nostalgia tour; I saw them at SXSW a few years back after they issued ONoffOn and they were phenomenal. Plus if you dig the six string, Roger Miller is a bad ass! Toss in Austin’s super cool The Gary (I swear I was just wondering if they would be returning to Houston again because I was missing them) and Houston’s own Black Congress and you have a night that will “kick the sumbitch in

Thursday, September 13

Thursday Concerts at Discovery Green, featuring Mingo Fishtrap & The Suffers @ Discovery Green (6PM; free!) – bring a picnic basket and enjoy the sounds on the green

Blackie Dammett, Don’t Poke The Bear @ The Continental Club – People keep tellin’ me I need to catch Blackie Dammet live. I swear plan to as soon as they play a night I’m not on parenting duty.

Green River Ordinance, John David Kent @ Warehouse Live (Studio) – Fort Worth rock band that really really needs to have someone write them a better bio for their website. I’ll just leave it at that

Vision, featuring Glasnost DJs, Tangled Shadows, Gin Martini, Kris_C Strange, Jess The Mess, & Max Xandaux @ Numbers – It’s DJs, It’s Numbers, is there anything else that needs to be explained?

Malford Milligan @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck – Austin Soul and Blues singer with Heat Miser Hair as awesome as his singing. Check it!


Friday, September 14

Canned Acoustica, featuring B L A C K I E, Craig Kinsey, New York City Queens, Featherface, & Second Lovers @ Warehouse Live (Green Room) – Acoustic Blackie?!!!! Awesome! No offense to the rest of this excellent line-up but given his loud, noisy, and aggressive performance style, I’d love to see how Blackie works this out.

Delta Rae, The Literary Greats @ Fitzgerald’s – Errrr, wow, umm please someone find the person whose idea for the video to Delta Rae’s “Bottom of the River” and stop them from ever making another video. It’s so completely tone deaf that I can’t even bring myself to post it.

Mike Stinson, Little Joe Washington @ The Continental Club – The highly revered Stinson and Washington under one roof

Southern Backtones @ Time Out #1 – More of the Tones relentless shows

The Heavy, Kill It Kid, The Silent Comedy @ Fitzgerald’s – British R&B Indie band

Clint Black @ The Clarion (Brazosport) – Funny I knew Black grew up in Houston but never knew he was born in Jersey. Go figure.

Saturday, September 15

Sarah Jaffe, Ormonde, Benjamin Wesley @ Fitzgerald’s – The Denton Texas singer songwriter returns. I really hated her video for the song “Clementine” but her songs and voice are quite lovely. Here is one clip from a concert in a Denton church and the whole thing is worth checking out the entire series of videos from this performance.


Swans, Xiu Xiu @ Fitzgerald’s – OK I have to admit that when the Swans got all into delicate and pretty and morphed into the Angels of Light I kind of got bored but I’ve been listening to some tracks off their new album, The Seer, and suddenly I’m interested in what Mr Gira and crew have been up to over the last few years. It incorporates a lot of the sonic textures from those more acoustic records with some of the gritty post-punk energy that had been lacking when they dropped off my radar. Here’s the title track:


Dam Funk, Electric Attitude, Journey Agents, DJ Flash Gordon Parks @ Numbers – Oh hell yes Dam Funk has a Keytar and he is NOT afraid to use it!!!

LL Cooper, Orange Is In, TC5 @ Rudyard’s – the long dormant Oranges return to the stage

Fastball @ Monnalisa Bar (800 W. Sam Houston Pkwy. N) – Austin band that hit it somewhat big in the 90s

Beats Antique @ House of Blues – world music esque band

Super Nekkid Dance Party 3000, featuring Japandemic, weneversleep, & DJ St@tik @ Warehouse Live – it’s all a lie, nobody is getting super nekkid.

Warren Hood @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck – Austin fiddle and mandolin playin’ singer songwriter dude kind sounds a little like this…


InStereo, featuring Infected Mushroom, Mishka, 3rDimension, & Tal Tager @ Stereo Live – Israeli Trance

French Horn Rebellion (DJ set) @ Boondocks – DJs yo!

Googoosh @ Hobby Center – Iranian Pop singer who attained quite a bit of a following in the Middle East in the 1970’s but spent 20 years doing a whole lot of nothing in Iran because the government isn’t particularly cool with women singing. Apparently they are considered temptresses and can’t sing in public solo and definitely not if there are men in the audience. No, I’m not making this idiocy up! [1] [2]Somehow a woman’s voice is something that freaks out the ruling class there. That’s what you get when a sausage club of old religious douchebags run things. Tell ya what, you all saw Footloose right? For goodness sake, someone send Kevin Bacon and Kenny Loggins into Iran! Together they loosened up a town of John Lithgow led Bible thumpers; I’m sure they can do it again with Quran thumpers too.

Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival, featuring Shinedown, Godsmack, Staind, Adelitas Way, P.O.D., Deuce, Fozzy,Redlight King, Mindset Evolution, & Candlelight Red @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion – Hey man, if this is your bag, have at it.

Houston Hot Sauce Festival, featuring Zydeco Dots & Silverado Band @ Stafford Centre (Stafford; 11AM-6PM) – Hot Sauce? Hell yes!

Shawn Colvin @ Dosey Doe Coffee Company (The Woodlands) – Folkie who was pretty big in the 90s

Sunday, September 16

The Ataris, Red City Radio, Square and Compass, Holder @ Walter’s – Indiana Pop punk

Twin Shadow, Niki & The Dove, Bang Bangz @ Fitzgerald’s – Retro 80s new waver

Today The Moon Tomorrow The Sun, The Sour Notes, New York City Queens @ Fitzgerald’s – two gals and two guys treading the land between synthpop and indie rock

International Blues Challenge Houston Regionals, featuring a bunch of great blues players @ The Continental Club – I guess yr sayin there will be a lot of blues?

Ethan Bortnick @ House of Blues – prodigy or child of Satan? Yup, child of Satan.

Lethal Aggression, HRA, Krullur, Cronophage, Moral Distrust @ Rudyard’s – Gulf Coast Hard Core anyone?

Houston Hot Sauce Festival, featuring Willie B. & The Silverbacks @ Stafford Centre (Stafford; 12-5PM) – More hot sauce anyone?

Monday, September 17

football, etc., Dads, Yes Inferno, Hoofprints @ Mango’s – The fun kids of football etc hit up Taft at Westheimer.

Tuesday, September 18

Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra, The Simple Pleasure, Jherek Bischoff, Ronald Reagan @ Fitzgerald’s – Miss Palmer being one half of the Dresden Dolls should be all you need to know.

Wednesday, September 19

Beach House, Dustin Wong @ House of Blues – The newest Beach house video really doesn’t work for me so I’m posting this one from the new album instead just cause it’s much less distracting to let the music do the talkin’.


Mishka, Brains For Dinner @ Fitzgerald’s – One word is all you need to know – Reggae!

Blondie, Devo @ Arena Theater – Early Devo is so much more weirder and fun than current, self-conscious Devo. There I said it.


Tunes at Noon, featuring Free Radicals Jazz Trio @ Central Library Plaza (noon) – BEST LUNCH EVER!!

The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band @ House of Blues (Bronze Peacock Room) – drums, a washboard player, and a slide guitar playing bluesman.

This Week’s Music Release Shows

Super Robot Party (CD Release) , Pale, A Sundae Drive, Luvver Girl @ Rudyard’s

This Week’s In-Stores

Saturday, September 15 @ Cactus Music – The 71′s (1PM) Bang Bangz (3PM)
Sunday, September 16 @ Cactus Music – Greezy Wheels (3PM)

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