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The Voting Booth
At a neigborhood location near you

Yeah, sure there are a lot of good shows this week but none is more important than Tuesday’s election. It’s a presidential year and which makes it extra fun. You can vote for Obama or Romney. If those don’t appeal to you, you can vote Green (Jill Stein) or Libertarian (Gary Johnson) who are also on the ballot. If you want to get a bit more kooky, you can vote for write-ins and believe it or not, Texas does have Certified Write-in Candidates and here is that list . Sure, you make a cheeky statement and vote for “Alfred E. Neuman” or whatever but just know that if you do, the vote will not be counted.

Now, I know what a lot of you guys are thinking. “Hey I’m in Texas, and, statistically speaking, when Texas drops its Electoral College votes in December, Romney is going to walk away with our 38 votes. Why bother?!!” Well, I’ll tell you why. In addition to the Presidential election, there are local bond initiatives that can help schools, libraries, and parks; there are elections for various local, state, and national representatives; and there are a myriad of other officials and issues out there that need your two cents.

But more importantly don’t just vote, but do some research, get informed, and vote intelligently. A really fun thing to do when looking at judicial races for example is looking to see who has been cited for ethics violations. In Texas, it would make for a really good drinking game! And if you need any further proof as to why being informed before you get to the polling booth is important, look no further than the Metro referendum which seems innocuous enough until you actually do some reading. We’ve covered that particular issue twice but if you want to do further reading you can go to , read their arguments, and then decide for yourself.

So get informed, vote, then sit back and rejoice in the fact that you have now earned the right to bitch about how things are run for the next few years.


Thursday, November 1

Tomahawk, Pujol @ Fitzgerald’s –Mike Patton and some folks from the Melvins, the Jesus Lizard, and Helmet should make for a pretty awesome headlining act but the garage pop of Pujol is also not to be missed.


Minus The Bear, Cursive, Girl In A Coma @ Warehouse Live – indie rock band from Seattle

Cheap Time – Rudyard’s – In the Red garage rockers

Sharon Van Etten, Damien Jurado, Yellow Ostrich @ Fitzgerald’s –Pitchfork and NPR approved Brooklyn indie folker

Against Me!, Fake Problems, Water Tower Bucket Boys @ Warehouse Live (Studio) –Florida punkers return but just make sure to refer to the leader by her new name, Laura Jane Grace this time around.

WHY?, Naytronix, The Black Swans @ Walter’s –because Berkely hip-hopper Yoni Wolf said so.

Day of the Dead Cross Decorating Fundraiser Benefiting Ser-Niños, featuring Los Skarnales @ Under The Volcano (5-10PM) – in case you were wondering, Ser-Niños is a PreK-8 charter school

The Delta Spirit, Fidlar @ House of Blues – the charming Americana troupe return to Houston

Zombie Party, featuring Devil Killing Moth, Only Beast, Lluvia Dreams, & We Scare Coyotes @ Heights Contemporary Fine Art Gallery (7PM-12AM) – for those of you who haven’t gotten the Halloween out of your system.

Vision, featuring Glasnost (DJ set), Gin Martini, Kris_C Strange, Jess The Mess, & Max Xandaux @ Numbers – DJ’s at numbers, you know the drill

Young Turks @ Mango’s –angsty Portland hardcore

In This Moment, Saint Diablo @ Vintage Pub – theatrical metal band from LA

Wisin Y Yandel @ Arena Theater –reggaton duo

Apocalypse Theatre @ Super Happy Fun Land – self-described “Hybrid industrial punk meets hard rock troupe/band” Whatever it is, it’s likely not going to be boring.


Gilberto Gil @ Bayou Music Center – the revered Brazilian musician (and ex-Brazilian minister of culture) may be 70 but he’s still kicking it as well as ever.

Friday, November 2

7th Annual Feast with the Beasts, featuring Blues Traveler @ Houston Zoo (7-11PM) – You know that Blues Traveler was actually going to do a concept album at one point? No really!

A Place To Bury Strangers, Bleeding Rainbow, The Watermarks @ Warehouse Live (Studio) – the noisy, reverby wall of sound rockers return

Ben Sollee, Old Man Markley, Trust, Broncho @ Fitzgerald’s – Jumping various genre’s it’s easiest to just call Sollee’scharming melodic music pop music with a cello


Nick Gaitan & The Umbrella Man, The Wurly Birds, Picture Book @ The Continental Club –Speaking of big oversized violins, Nick Gaitan’s also worth catching

Rakim, Def Jam Blaster, DJ Nimbus, DJ Cipher @ Fitzgerald’s – Don’t sweat this classic rapper’s technique

Bad Boy Bill @ Rich’s (2401 San Jacinto) – Chicago House dude going back to the ’85

Wendy Colonna @ Anderson Fair – Austin singer songwriter

Public Image Ltd @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake) –This is one I’m not sure how to feel about. Flowers of Romance is one of my favorite records of all time and I saw them play a phenomenal if truncated show back during the Steve Vaimetal Album era. Unfortunately by 1987’s Happy?, Lydon seemed a lot more predictable and less interesting and the few tracks I’ve heard off the new album have left me with a big, uninspired “meh.” So, I dunno…here is a video from their new album – you decide for yourself. Regardless, they should put on a good show.


Alejandro Escovedo @ Dosey Doe Coffee Company (The Woodlands) – the beloved singer songwriter returns

Saturday, November 3

C.C.S.D. Oktoberfest, featuring DeadEnd Cowboys, Project Grimm, & DJ Diablo @ Catty Corner Ice-House (895 Wakefield; 2PM) – OK last I checked they were talking 40 (!!!) kegs of homebrew! 40!!!! Hell yes!!!!! Too bad I’ll be out of town.

Taking Back Sunday, Bayside @ House of Blues – pop punk Warp tour vets

Converge, Torche, Kvetletak @ Fitzgerald’s – Hardcore cats from Salem. Here’s what their new album sounds like.


Kinky Friedman, Jesse Dayton @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck – Kinky and Jesse, now that is quite the double header.

Texas Johnny Brown & The Quality Blues Band @ The Continental Club – A little post Halloween Blues? Johnny will take care of ya. No offense of Mr. Brown intended but Oh man(!!) listen to the narrator on this clip!! Brilliant!!


The Bar-Kays, Sugarfoot’s Ohio Players, Con Funk Shun, Brick @ Bayou Music Center – Wow, that is a lot of oldies business going on here.

Jeffrey Osborne, Peabo Bryson @ Arena Theater – Speaking of oldies here are two old school R&B dudes.

Gnar World Order, Saya, H.S.A., Serpent Attack, The Bad Drugs @ Super Happy Fun Land –Not GWAR, Gnar – a fun, Galveston Thrash band.

Wayside Drive, Potbelly, Beautiful Contributors @ Fitzgerald’s – pop rock trio who had been kind of laying low for a while there.

Destroying Texas Fest 7, featuring ABSU, Inquisition, Thy Antichrist, Blaspherian, Bahimiron, Nodens, Hellgoat, Noctabulism, & Oath of Cruelty @ BFE Rock Club (11528 Jones Rd.) – Metal! C’mon what did you expect with a name like Destroying Texas Fest?

Masada, Feo y Loco, Ray Younkin @ Rudyard’s – a reunited Zealots for people who go back that far.

Cremator, Shy Foxx @ Vara’s Sports Bar (2727 North Fwy.) – Apparently this metal band has been around since 1994. One lead singer was named Rick “Pumpin Head” Fountain which has to be the oddest nickname for a metal dude I’ve heard.

Joe Ely @ Dosey Doe Coffe Company (The Woodlands) – Joe Ely is awesome but dang he sure comes into town a lot.

Sunday, November 4

Red Fang, Black Tusk, Lord Dying, Indian Handicrafts @ Fitzgerald’s –Portland stoner rock

Daughn Gibson, Grandfather Child @ Walter’s –sparse, stylized crooner. Think the low baritone register of say Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, and Ian Curtis and you get the basic idea.


Kreayshawn, Rye Rye, Honey Cocaine, Chippy Nonstop @ Warehouse Live (Studio) – viral video sensation from last year who called Rick Ross fake to which everyone responded with a collective “duh, so what?” Nobody has the heart to break the news to her about wrestling.

Acous’Mix Re*View, featuring Kerry Melonson (Satin Hooks) @ Avant Garden – Wow, Satin Hooks is still around, go figure?

A$AP Rocky, Schoolboy Q, Danny Brown @ Bayou Music Center –Funny that rapper A$SAP is playing just a few days after Rakim as that is who he was named after.

Acous’Mix Re*View, featuring Tump, Trial By Bourbon, & Charity Ann @ Notsuoh – Austin dudes lead this night

Marc Broussard @ House of Blues – Louisiana singer-songwriter

the last place you look, Six Gun Sound, Avid Fixation @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake) – There was a round up of Houston beards in the Chronicle and even I was wondering why this band was left out.

Peelander-Z, Anamanaguchi, Electric Eel Shock @ Fitzgerald’s –OK I’ll admit. I’m pretty numb to Peelander-Z’s shenanigans but I still love this Anamanaguchi animated GIF. It just goes so well with their 8-bit music.

Monday, November 5

Deerhoof, Formica Man, Liam Finn @ Walter’s –I’ve seen both the opening act and the headliner here and can vouch for bothas being worth catching. Finn is melodic and unassuming while Deerhoof’s anythign goes can run the gamut of catchy and melodic to noisy and angular. I know this is an old clip from Deerhoof and they have a new album they are touring to support but the drumming is just too fun here!


Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group @ Fitzgerald’s – Of course Mars Volta fans will be stoked about this show upstairs.

Watsky @ Warehouse Live (Studio) – San Francisco rapper dude

Tanlines @ Rudyard’s – duo with one dud who used to be in Don Caballero


Tuesday, November 6

Heartless Bastards, Wussy @ Fitzgerald’s – MERRRR! Curse you Erika Wennerstrom! You rock epic and I love your band but you dudes always come to town on a night I can’t make it! 


Acuerdo de Musica Libre, featuring Remi Alvarez, Carmina Escobar, Juan Jose Rivas, David Dove, Sandy Ewen, & Damon Smith @ Studio 101 (1824 Spring; 8PM) – Mexico Free jazzers come down for a visit.


Wednesday November 7

Acuerdo de Musica Libre, featuring Remi Alvarez, Carmina Escobar, Juan Jose Rivas, David Dove, Sandy Ewen, & Damon Smith @ Studio 101 (1824 Spring; 8PM) – Did I mention that this show was two nights?

Wolf Gang, Atlas Genius, The Royal Concept @ Fitzgerald’s – UK pop band

Jackson Browne, Sara Watkins @ Bayou Music Center – that 70s singer songwriter you probably know from your granddad’s LP collection.

The Awkward Robot, Honey Son @ Super Happy Fun Land – plesant enough indie pop band from Austin.

R. Kelly @ Jones Hall – If you don’t know who R. Kelly is, I suspect you have been in a coma for years.


This Week’s Music Release Shows

Friday, November 2 – Indian Jewelry (record release), The Wiggins, Lowlife, Her Body @ Walter’s

This Week’s In-Stores

Sunday, November 4 @ Cactus Music The Kernal (3PM)


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