This Week’s Featured Show(s)

Friday, August 31
Grandfather Child
(album release)
with The Suffers
@ Fitzgerald’s

Saturday September 1st
“Actual Magic” Album Release
@ Cactus Music (3PM)

Oh record releases in Houston. This summer has seen more releases than you can shake a stick at. Go back and check the previews and it seems that (especially as we near the end of this summer) we’ve had a flood in the Bayou City of new material from local artists and this weekend brings up two of the summer’s most anticipated releases from Grandfather Child and Featherface. (Note – I will have interviews posted soon with both bands.)

The legions of Grandfather Child fans already know the band’s line-up makes them the Voltron of local bands and their unique tip o’ the hat to various genres like Blues, Soul, Psychedelia, Country, Jazz and Death Metal (OK maybe not that last one) makes them easily one of Houston’s best and unique exports. Featherface is another band who easily stand out as one of Houston’s best bands. The band pulls from classic rock and R&B influences but what comes out of them is something wholly unique in Houston. What is most exciting about Featherface’s newest release is that the band is still in a wild evolutionary phase and, in contrast to the well defined journeyman sound of Grandfather Child, we’re not quite sure where the band is going to go with their new album but if live shows and their first single (see video below) is any indication, it should prove to be a release that takes a lot of chances and isn’t afraid to expand what the band can accomplish. I for one am looking forward to hearing both releases this weekend.


Thursday, August 30

Los Straitjackets, Mikey & The Drags, Beetle @ The Continental Club – Oh those crazy Nashville kids with their Mexican wrestling masks.

New Music Improvisations, featuring Kathy Fay/Adam Vincent Clay & Fist of Kong @ Avant Garden (7-9PM; free!) – Fay and Clay will play night music with improvised and prepared harp and piano along with field recordings. Neat!

Southern Backtones @ Cha – Schyma lama ding dong

Nick Gaitan & the Umbrella Man @ The Big Top – The most bad ass of Houston Bass players.

Killing Clover, A Spanish Disposition, Gnar World Order @ Mango’s – get your punky punk on you punk!

Sons of Fathers @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck – San Marcos duo who made the horrible nay unforgivable mistake of calling themselves by their own last names – Beck and Cauthen. That didn’t sit too well with Beck’s legal folks. Odelay!

Friday, August 31

Poor Pilate, Brent Nettles, Don’t Poke The Bear @ Fitzgerald’s – Poor Pilate is one of Houston’s bands to watch. Great songwriting, lovely style, and great musicians.

Eli, B.E. Godfrey, Marry Me @ Mango’s ($5) – We are featuring Ben Godfrey in the September issue because his solo stuff and his work with listenlisten is some of the best this city has to offer.

Ian Moore & The Lossy Coils, duneTX, The Allen Oldies Band @ The Continental Club – Austin singer songwriter Moore makes the three hour drive to Houston again.

Southern Backtones @ Cafe Brasil – Double shot of SBT this week.

Killing Clover, Shut Up Sidney, B.U.G., Nocturnal Avernus @ White Swan Live – and these guys go for the two gigs in a row thing too.

Project Armageddon, Serpent Sun, Morgue City, The Minds Eye @ Acadia Bar & Grill (3939 FM 1960 West) – There is something both weird and awesome about Project Armageddon’s metal.

Nothington, Jason Bancroft and The Wealthy Beggars, The $ellouts, Action Frank @ Walter’s – California punks in that sing-a-long Social Distortion mode.

Steel Drivers, The Abrams Brothers @ Miller Outdoor Theatre (free!) – I hope the rains don’t spoil the picnic for these Bluegrass from Kingston and Nashville.

Covenant, The Break Up @ Numbers (8-11PM) – Swedish sythpop dudes that go back to 1986! Yes, some of you were not even born! Freaky ,isn’t it?!

Morgan Page, Surain, Vance Lawrence @ Stereo Live – Cali DJ who has re-mixed more people than should be allowable.

Labor Day Weekend Block Party, featuring the last place you look, From Guts to Glory, Artificial, & Luminosity @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake) – The bearded one hit’s my old digs. You know that when i was growing up, Clear Lake was still not part of Houston? Yup, they even had deer roaming about when the bus took you to school!

Bellamy Brothers @ Dosey Doe Coffee Company (The Woodlands) – How many bands can say that Neil Diamond’s roadie wrote them a #1 hit song?

Friday -Sunday, August 31 – September 2 – The Midtown Men @ Jones Hall – If you stay home Saturday nights to watch PBS, then these stars of the Broadway show Jersey Boys will likely be right up your alley. I will refrain from any further commentary on this.

Saturday, September 1

The Tontons, Featherface, Quiet Company @ Warehouse Live – Cray Cray Cray good triple bill. Featherface is making this a kind of album release and we are all super stoked for it. We will have an interview with them up soon.

Molotov Compromise, Blackmarket Syndicate, The Freakouts @ Fitzgerald’s – Gulf Coast Ska-Core!

1/2 Way to St. Patrick’s Day, featuring Blaggards, The Dead Rabbits, & more @ House of Blues – Really now, everyday is St. Patty’s day with the Blaggards.

Hello Chief, Purple, Knights of the Fire Kingdom @ Warehouse Live (Green Room) – quirky indie pop from Beaumont

Hatred Surge, PLF, Chest Pain, Black Coffee, Corrupt Bastards @ Walter’s – If your skull has not been crushed in a while, this may be a good show to take care of that.

P.L.X.T.X, Killer Kill, Giant Battle Monster, Moths=Moths @ Dean’s – P.L.X.T.X (Pluto) brings some digital noisy fun

Def Leppard, Poison, Lita Ford @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion – One decent 80s pop metal band, the worst example of 80’s hair metal, and a rocker who I always wanted to like more than I really did because she was in the Runaways.

Recovery Room, John Lefler, Language Room, The Satellite Brigade @ Fitzgerald’s – It sounds pretty primordial in it’s evolution so I’m not sure how to go on this one. I’ll just say it has some rough edges but at the same time it has some potential and leave it at that.

Gritsy, featuring DJ Dara @ The Engine Room (1515 Pease) – Yeah DJ. You know what to do!

White Ghost Shivers @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck – Old timey music dudes return.

Dreamland Music Festival, featuring Sluggo, Helicopter Showdown, JRabbit, Mantis, Rroid Drazr, Electro Enforcers, Trajikk, Bart Black, Murderland Collective, DJ Red, Lawrence & Celauro, Haters Make Us Famous, Plastik Zero, Moonstruck Red, Ozone, K9, DJ Ambition & MDA, Mad Mike, Sinik, Déjà vu, DJ Shwann, Tosh – The Vinyl Ninja, Andrew Morehouse, Chris Bee, Goombotic, Glasnost DJs, DJ Blazzed, Malibu, MissingLink, Kayyare, Wiseman, Glynn Leviathan, Cataklysmic Kontact, Randall Denny, Spyr@l, Darnell Lorenzo, Kidd Evol, Romini, & MC TR3 @ Fun Plex (13700 Beechnut; 8PM-4AM) – Dude it’s a FUN PLEX!!!!! It’s got fun right there in the name! That pretty much tells you all you need to know!!!

Marc Anthony, Marco Antonio Solis, Chayanne @ Toyota Center – Fun Plex vs Toyota Center, I think we all know who has the better venue name.

CCSD’s Houston’s Worst Tattoo Party, featuring Johnny Falstaff, Dead End Cowboys, & Steve Straker @ Rudyard’s (4PM) – Thank goodness someone found a way to celebrate awful tattoos. I can only imagine what people will show off.

Homecookin’ Second Serving, featuring Albert Fix, Aleks D, Ape Drums, DJ Versatile, Hi-Tone, Michael Eclectic, Neon Tiger, Poe Junior, Surain, & more @ Stereo Live – Dance, you fools!

Electric Soul Parade, Dani Vargas Group @ Numbers – LA Jam band

Mel Tillis @ Dosey Doe Coffee Company (The Woodlands) – Interesting thing about Mel’s famous stutter, he got it from a bout with Malaria.

Sunday, September 2

Southern Backtones @ Phul Court – Good god, Hank, take a breather! Even the big G took Sunday off.

Houston Brazilian Festival, featuring Samba Soul, Brazilian Nuts, Paula Maya, Silva Dance Company, The Batikum, & Quarteto Baru @ Jones Plaza (601 Louisiana; 1-10PM) – I read on the Internet that if you eat a ton of yummy Brazilian food then dance so much that you puke on your partner, it’s considered good manners in Brazil! No, it’s true! Has the internet ever lied to you?

Mary J. Blige, D’Angelo, Melanie Fiona @ Toyota Center – Did you know Mary J has synesthesia? That is so cool!!!

Monday, September 3

They, Who Sound featuring Holland Hopson and Sonia Flores @ Avant Garden (8pm) – Austin’s Hopson performs on banjo and live electronics while Houston’s Flores will be performing bass and voice work.

Natural Child, Birdcloud @ Fitzgerald’s – Fun Nashville garage rock trio with some really ugly album covers. Way to go guys.

Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra, Jacob Kibler, Bad Luck Irish @ Super Happy Fun Land – Sweet folky kids from Portland

Tuesday, September 4

T.S.O.L., Spastic Fit, Dead to the World, Crime Wave @ Fitzgerald’s – Oh I’ll let the late great Wesley Willis take this one…


Kataklysm, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Vital Remains, Rose Funeral @ Walter’s – Nothing says Death Metal like Canada!

Lyle Lovett @ The Grand 1894 Opera House (Galveston) – LYLE!!!!

Wednesday, September 5

Chase Hamblin & The Roustabouts, Nightmare River Band, Come See My Dead Person @ Fitzgerald’s – The disciple of 60’s psychedelic pop hits Fitz


Perfumeman, Cutie Pie and Baby, Koko Beware @ Super Happy Fun Land – Cello Glam Pop that is umm well…OK it’s pretty bad but bad in an MST3K way.

This Week’s In-Stores

Saturday, September 1 @ Cactus Music – Electric Soul Parade (1PM) Featherface (3PM)

Wednesday, September 5@ Cactus Music – Hamell On Trial (5:30PM)

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