By Jacob Calle: Except this has nothing to do with Ashton Kutcher and it’s really not that funny. James Templeton and Brett Taylor had their band equipment in a van. The van got stolen la-di-da. You know the story. It’s like two months old. So…. a benefit was created to gain some of their equipment back and it’s tomorrow night at Fitz. James and Brett had a band called By the end of Tonight. You might have heard of it. They’re kinda big. And…they’re really good. After disbanding their talent 3 years ago Brett went on with SINGS while James created LIMB. And Stefan and Jeff? Ipod pop rock, Lisa’s Sons and chaotic circus group, Fucking Thief were created from Stef and Jeff. Getting your equipment is a drag, but we all steal every now and then right? “I just ripped Rosetta Stone for the German language today.”, says Brett. Karma’s a bitch huh, Brett? Rosetta Stone vs. a van? We’ll look away from Brett’s crooked crook past and give him a hand. The show is $10. Young Mammals are opening along with B L A C K I E and Caddywompus. So come out and support this benefit while seeing one of America’s most favored instrumental bands. This isn’t the first time Brett has been robbed either. So in limerick form Brett explains his first theivery experience.

By Brett Taylor

I once had a little yo-yo.
At school they were quite a no-no.
My teacher, she took it,
And told me to book it,
My life since has been quite so-so.

Thank you Brett. Very endearing. Hopefully if enough people come out to the benefit you can go buy yourself a yo-yo.