Some of the most generic music I’ve listened to has been described as “experimental.” The word has been abused by artists and marketers alike. It is now as hollow as “love” is in a Subaru commercial. True experimentation involves risk—trying something that might end in embarrassment, in a reputation-destroying failure, rather than manufacturing a tried and true product that guarantees success.

DAVESTATEOFMIND’s of new single “Mamacita” isn’t quite so dangerous, but it does take some tentative risks.

DAVESTATOFMIND caught my attention last month with “Pull Up,” a 90s-esque R&B tune that showcased the young man’s sultry voice and lyrical finesse. “Mamacita” proves that he isn’t a one-off.

The best and riskiest part of the song is undoubtedly the bridge, in which the slow-going R&B groove turns into a brisk mambo. The bridge’s syncopated bongos will make even the clumsiest rise on two-left feet, swivel and shimmy awkward hips, and accept the singer’s invitation to “come to the dancefloor.” On the bridge, DAVESTATEOFMIND delivers his pitched-up lines in crisp bursts that add more rhythm than melody. He even enunciates the countdown — “5, 4, 3, 2, 1,” a perfect segue into the chorus — at the end of the bridge as if he belonged to the percussion section. The bridge sums up the message of the song: Dance. Have fun. Leave your inhibitions at the club door.

These Latin elements could sound awkward and out of place. We might even walk away baffled, thinking that DAVESTATEOFMIND couldn’t decide which genre he wanted to work in for “Mamacita.” But everything is seamlessly stitched. The feature suggests a burgeoning artist who not only exhibits skill but imagination as well, who can pull off daring moves with ease and smoothness.

DAVESTATEOFMIND ups the ante a little more with each new single. Next time I expect greater risks, something brave and entirely his own.