After several years of not listening to a band you grew up idolizing, it’s always nice to return to those groups and albums that lured you into listening to a particular sound. The nostalgic melodies and lyrics become a place of solace as it takes you back to those high school years when you and your friends weren’t preoccupied with figuring out anything except how to get a ride to the next show the coming weekend. What’s even more pleasing is when looking up that band today, you see them supporting one of your more recent discoveries.

For me, Circa Survive is one of those bands from adolescence I started listening to again over the past few months. I first heard Juturna when I was a freshmen in high school. That was it. For nearly every situation during those awkward years they were my go to band. This Saturday night, September 29th, at the House of Blues, Circa Survive will be playing with Touche Amore, Balance and Composure,and particularly, O’Brother. What is special about this tour, though, is the promotion of O’Brother’s new EP, Basement Window. Of course, several people in Houston aren’t familiar with this band or any other their releases; and, that’s exactly why Circa Survive has not only taken these guys out on a major US tour, but given them the time slot right before their performance, every night.

O’Brother got their start in 2006 with their first EP release, In Comparison to Me. The Atlanta, Georgia based rock band has since put out two EPs, a split vinyl, and a full length. Their full length, Garden Window (2011), features eleven songs, each with separate atmospheres capable of being contained apart, yet compatible with one another. While frontman’s, Tanner Merritt’s, brassy, authoritative voice scales from abrasive to consoling, the music keeps pace, as it charges through thundering, power driven tracks like “Sputnik” to subdued, elegiac memoirs like “Ascension.” Garden Window submits a refreshing addition to that vague and sometimes scorned genre of alternative rock many music critics have deemed O’Brother as a likely fit.

This past summer, O’Brother went back into the studio to record Basement Window. Picking five of the more aggressive songs from Garden Window and reinventing them into something that, well, you’d be likely to listen to alone in your closet (since we don’t have basements in this part of town), while attempting to catch a few minutes of solitude. These songs preserve their respected themes and structures found on Garden Window; however, the reduced tempos and consistently warming ambiance allow the listener to not only understand Garden Window from a different from angle, but respect Basement Window’s as its own subject.

If anyone is skeptic come see for yourself this Saturday. I mean, the primary point of the tour is to get Basement Window into the ears and hands of people across the nation. If O’Brother wasn’t worth it, I’m sure Circa Survive has better things to do with their time.

House of Blues is located at 1204 Caroline Street, 77002. Pre-sale tickets are available online at and House of Blue’s website. Doors open at 7.

Oh yea, O’Brother recorded Basement Window in a friend’s basement. Talk about integrity.